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The Wedding Season: A Gentleman's Lookbook

Posted by Lavinia Bejan on

It's summer! It's the Wedding Season!

Since we're in July and the wedding season is at its peak, we've decided to jump in and offer you some suggestions on how to look amazing at parties, with our favorite vintage touches! The Ultimate Wedding Season Lookbook is here.

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Occasion Wear Statement Pieces

Ties, cufflinks and watches. Statement accessories for occasion wear. We're here to show you our featured choices for this month!
Casual, fancy, smart or crazy dress up wedding parties, no matter the theme - for all of these you'll need the perfect accessories to complete your look. Here are some pointers to keep you on the right track. 

1. Choose the tie that best fits YOU

The bolder, the better. That's how we may describe this amazing tie part of our summer collection:

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Obviously, not all wedding suits may allow you to wear this awesome vintage tie, as it's quite out there. But for minimalist, one-color suits, this accessory is ideal to spice things up! 
Black, purple and a touch of pink. This tie is surely eye-catching and will make you stand out. Don't be afraid to add a pop of color to spice things up! Weddings are all about having fun!


2. Cufflinks, darlings

One of our star-products are these stunning vintage cufflinks. This pair was an amazing find and they are in mint condition! 

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Get them now, while still available! These are a mixture of yellow and rose-gold tones. They look gorgeous on the wrist. A clean, simple design, and yet so sophisticated! Just picture them attached on your favorite shirt! 

 This accessory is a must to complete your wedding look!

3. Bold enough to pull off a pocket watch?

Pocket watches are a show stopper if you manage to pull them off. They are the ultimate vintage accessory that offers a unique touch of elegance and refinement to your outfit. 

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Don't be afraid to wear a vest. A three-piece suit can be more elegant than a two-piece. Vests with tiny pockets give you the chance to pull out your piece of resistance: a stunning pocket watch. Not to mention the chain, which will be out there, on display. You'll show that vintage touch the entire time. 

Tip: Get an idea of just how classy the event you're attending will be. This way, if the dress code allows you to, wear a shirt and a vest, and no jacket on top. 

For hot summer days, this is a great alternative. And it gives you the opportunity to be creative with your pocket watch choices.

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Now for some more inspiration...

For more ideas of wedding accessories, check out our dedicated collections of Cufflinks and Pocket Watches. We've just added some beautiful models. Luxurious, refined, timeless. Vintage. 




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