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Vintage Radar - Behind the scenes

Posted by George Bogdan Bejan on

All you need to know about Vintage Radar

Vintage Radar is the platform where you can find exquisite antique and vintage pieces. We locate them, restore them, and reclaim their timeless beauty. It's up to you to continue the story!

How everything started

Vintage Radar: how everything started
George's father started a vintage watch and radio collection, over 20 years ago. He was particularly interested in how these pieces worked, their mechanisms and functionalities. He shared this passion with his son, and the two embarked on an adventure of hunting down vintage watches and old radios together.

Five years ago, George decided he wanted more people to be part of this journey. He put his first vintage watch up for sale on Etsy. Little did he know that this was the start of something so much bigger.

Hundreds of vintage watches were given a new story since. More people joined the team, the universe of vintage watches has grown and a lot of happy customers encouraged us to move forward with this initiative.

After managing over ten Etsy shops and a team of four people, a step to the next stage was surely needed. We wanted to start over, on our own platform, shaped by our own values and ideas!
 That's how Vintage Radar was born.
Vintage Radar: Our process
For the timepieces with functional movements, we proceed to get them ready to be photographed, and beautifully displayed in our vintage store. The other pieces get in line to be checked out and repaired by the watchmakers we collaborate with locally.

Supporting Vintage Radar means also supporting local watchmakers in our hometown, the city of Bacau, Romania.

All of our watches are tested and cleaned once again before shipping and wrapped with care in protective packaging.

Locating, cleaning, repairing, and photographing antiques and vintages - it's a blend of hard work, commitment, and passion.

We do it today on a higher scale, with a lot more experience and we continuously strive to live up to the highest standards.

Why Vintage Radar

reasons to choose Vintage Radar
Lastly, our team is happy to answer all of your questions and help you choose the right watch!

Meet the team

George, Co-founder of Vintage Radar
Lavinia, Co-founder of Vintage Radar
Team Members
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Vintage Radar is based in Bacau, Romania. We work on some of our projects remotely.