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Minnie Mouse Watches: Vintage Minnie Mouse Watch Models & Their Worth

Posted by Lavinia Bejan on

Minnie Mouse Watches Cover

Minnie Mouse Watches: Vintage Minnie Mouse Watch Models & Their Worth

Featuring one of Disney's most beloved characters, Minnie Mouse watches enjoy great success on the market when it comes to Disney fans. Hundreds of new and vintage Minnie Mouse watch models are available for purchase, so it's tough to choose the perfect timepiece. 

Looking for a special vintage Minnie Mouse watch? Wondering how much your vintage Minnie Mouse watch model is worth? In this article, we introduce you to some of the most exciting vintage Minnie Mouse watches in our collection, and we're giving you some insights on the value of Minnie Mouse watches.

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse is a cartoon character created by the Walt Disney Company. The character's first appearance was in 1928, in Steamboat Willie. The girlfriend of Mickey Mouse, Minnie is an anthropomorphic mouse with white gloves, a bow, a polka-dotted dress, and low-heeled shoes occasionally with ribbons on them. 

Minnie is classy, cheerful, and feminine. She is filled to the brim with love and affection, sweet to nearly everyone she comes across, and can typically see the beauty in most things. On January 22, 2018, Minnie got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, in celebration of the character's 90th anniversary. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White, Tinker Bell and Winnie the Pooh have also received this distinction.

Vintage Minnie Mouse Watches & Their Worth

When it comes to vintage watches, establishing their value is often quite hard. Some of the criteria that come into play are their age, their type of movement, whether they keep time with accuracy or not, how long ago they were serviced, as well as their overall condition. More often than not, it all comes down to estimations.

So, how much are vintage Minnie Mouse watches worth?

The value of a vintage Minnie Mouse watch can range between $10 and $500-600. The most expensive Minnie Mouse watches are rare, mechanical watch models from the 1940-1960s. One of the most well-known mechanical Disney watch manufacturers was Bradley. Vintage Bradley Minnie Mouse watches are quite hard to find, and they are seldom in working condition. 

Mid-range vintage Minnie Mouse watches are produced by brands like Seiko, Lorus, MZB, SII Marketing International (a subsidiary of Seiko), etc. These watches are mostly powered by Japan quartz movements. And they are quite resilient, keeping time accurately for many years. 

The cheapest vintage Minnie Mouse watches out there are the most common watch models, produced in large numbers over the years by different manufacturers, for Disney. These watches are powered by quartz/battery movements. Minnie Mouse watches for kids, with plastic cases and rubber bracelets, are also some of the most afforable Minnie Mouse accessories.

 Top 10 Best Vintage Minnie Mouse Watches in Our Collection

All of the vintage watch models in our collection are undergoing a process of restoration first. The process consists in restoring antique and vintage pieces, making them look flawless, carefully reconstructing what is broken and capturing them as accurately as possible, so that these articles can get a second chance. 

Our vintage watches are extensively verified by local watchmakers that we work with. Any repairs needed are done by professionals, so rest assured, all the watches are in perfect working condition. They are additionally checked for another 24 hours, once the order is placed, before shipping. 

The price of the watches includes all of the restoration costs, the checks done by the watchmakers, the boxes the watches come in, and worldwide shipping costs.

If you're looking to buy or sell a vintage Minnie Mouse watch, when making your price estimation, keep in mind all of these factors: condition, movement, age, can you guarantee that the watch is working?, shipping costs, etc. 

Now let's have a look at some of the best vintage Minnie Mouse watches available in our collection!

Minnie Mouse Watches over $300

Like mentioned before, vintage Bradley watches are some of the most valuable Minnie Mouse watches out there. Powered by durable mechanical hand-winding movements, these watches are beautiful vintage timepieces that stand the test of time with great success.

1. Vintage Minnie Mouse Watch by Bradley Time Division

This iconic Minnie Mouse watch by Bradley Time Division comes with a lovely design feature that you will find in particular vintage Disney watch models: Minnie Mouse's hands act as the hour and minute hands of the watch. 

The silver-tone case is home to a mechanical movement that keeps time with precision. The watch comes in very good condition, and it features a brand new red leather strap that adds an extra touch of color to its design. As you can see, the watch features an old depiction of Minnie Mouse, quite classic and timeless.

Vintage Minnie Mouse Vintage Watch by Bradley Time Division

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Another variantion of this Bradley watch model is the one below. We put a modern spin on this vintage Minnie Mouse watch by adding a silver-tone strap to match its case color. This way, the watch is ideal for everyday wear, and it can be paired with any color and outfit style. A minimalist watch, with a touch of Disney magic.

Although this Bradley Minnie Mouse watch model is almost identical to the one above, it has aged differently. That is the beauty of collecting vintage watches. There are no two models that are completely alike. 

RARE Vintage Minnie Mouse Bradley Mechanical Watch for Women

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2. Vintage Brandley Minnie Mouse Watch | Swiss Made Mechanical Watch

One of our all-time favorite Minnie Mouse watches in our vintage collection is this Swiss-made Bradley model. The watch has a generous case width of 34-mm, and Minnie Mouse is depicted on the dial in a unique vintage fashion. This time, the beloved Disney character is wearing an orange hat and shoes, and a purple skirt. This rare vintage Minnie Mouse design makes the watch stand out from other models of its time. 

Vintage Brandley Minnie Mouse Watch | Swiss Made Mechanical Watch

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3. Limited Edition Vintage Minnie & Mickey Mouse Disney Watch | 1998 Cast Holiday Celebration

This limited-edition vintage Minnie & Mickey Mouse watch was produced for the 1998 Disney Cast Holiday Celebration.

It features Minnie & Mickey Mouse ice-skating, and the message Happy Holidays is written on the dial. The two Disney characters are dressed in beautiful vintage outfits. Moreover, the watch has a special design feature: three snowflakes are rotating on the dial as each second passes. This is the perfect Christmas gift for Disney lovers out there.

Limited-edition vintage watches are also quite valuable. Some of the most expensive vintage Disney watches out there are limited-edition models, a very small number of such watches having been produced. 

Vintage Minnie & Mickey Mouse Disney Watch | 1998 Cast Holiday Celebration

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4. Vintage Musical Lorus Mickey & Minnie Mouse Watch V421-0020 Z0

One of the rarest Mickey Mouse watches in our vintage collection, this musical Lorus watch is a stunning timepiece to have on the wrist. The watch has an exciting musical function, as well as a joyful design. Featured on the dial are Mickey and Minnie Mouse, in true vintage fashion. The button on the left side of the case can be used to listen to a magical Disney song.

Vintage musical Disney watches are quite rare, and hard to find, especially those that still have a functional musical feature. Their scarcity makes them quite valuable. 

Vintage Musical Mickey & Minnie Watch

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Minnie Mouse Watches between $150-$300

Brands such as Lorus, Seiko, SII Marketing by Seiko, MZB, Accutime and Disney Time Works have produced over the years some beautiful Minnie Mouse watches. If the watches are in perfect working condition, they can be worth well over $100. Here are some examples from our vintage collection. 

4. Vintage Pink Lorus Minnie Mouse Watch | Lorus V811-0450 Z0 Quartz Watch

This beautiful V811-0450 Z0 Lorus wristwatch pairs a joyful pink case with an elegant pink leather bracelet. Minnie Mouse is depicted in the center of the dial wearing a pink dress and bow and surrounded by colorful confetti.

This Lorus watch is powered by a high-quality Japan quartz movement that keeps perfect time. This is a vintage watch model that was produced for the Walt Disney Company. And it comes in near-perfect condition, with a brand new leather strap that matches its design.

Vintage Pink Lorus Minnie Mouse Watch | Lorus V811-0450 Z0 Quartz Watch

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 5. Vintage Minnie Mouse Lorus Quartz Watch | Red Minnie Women's Watch

Ranked 5th in our Top 10 Best Minnie Mouse watches is another colorful vintage Minnie Mouse watch model: the V811-0070 Z0 Lorus quartz watch. This joyful watch model also encases a durable Japan quartz movement, keeping time with high precision.

The red plastic case and bracelet make the watch easy to wear, comfortable, and perfect for outdoor activities. Minnie Mouse is depicted on the dial in a classic style, with her red dress and yellow shoes. And the watch comes with a special feature: Minnie Mouse's hands act as the hands of the watch, indicating the hour and minute.

Vintage Minnie Mouse Lorus Quartz Watch | Red Minnie Women's Watch

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6. Rare Vintage Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Watch by MZB

This RARE Mickey & Minnie Mouse Disney watch is one-of-a-kind in our collection. The watch comes with a large 40-mm case, and a beautiful bracelet, both featuring colorful vintage depictions of Mickey and Minnie. This vintage watch model was produced by MZB for the Walt Disney Company.

The watch comes with its original bracelet, which is quite eye-catching and fun. Another feature that we love is the crown that has a beautiful shape and design.

Rare Vintage Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Watch by MZB

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7. Gold-tone Vintage Minnie Mouse Watch by Accutime Watch Corp

A timepiece of rare elegance, this gold-tone vintage Minnie Mouse watch for women is a great fit for small to medium ladies' wrist sizes. The watch pairs a luxurious gold-tone case and bracelet. Minnie Mouse is featured on the dial, in a retro-vintage fashion, and we can also notice the lovely design of the watch's hands.

This is a high-quality vintage watch that looks amazing on the wrist, and its precise time-keeping is guaranteed by its reliable Japan movement.

Gold-tone Vintage Minnie Mouse Watch for Women Accutime Watch Corp

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Minnie Mouse Watches below $150

9. Minnie Mouse Vintage Ladies Watch | SII by Seiko RRS79AX Watch Model

SII Marketing International by Seiko have produced some impressive vintage Minnie Mouse watches for the Walt Disney Company. This particular watch model is more affordable, having a plastic case.

However, the watch is very exciting in terms of design and movement. Minnie Mouse's hands act as the hands of the watch, a feature that we always appreciate. And the watch keeps time with high accuracy, thanks to its reliable Japan quartz movement.

Minnie Mouse Vintage Ladies Watch | SII by Seiko RRS79AX Watch Model

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10. Pink Disney Minnie Mouse Watch for Ladies

Finally, ranked 10th in our Top 10 Best Vintage Minnie Mouse watches, this joyful pink Minnie Mouse watch is a great statement piece. The watch pairs a large silver-tone case with a pink leather strap. And it's a great fit for medium to large wrist sizes.

Minnie Mouse is beautifully depictured on the dial of the watch, wearing a pink bow. And we can see from the design of the watch and the size of the case that it's a newer model, from the 1990s-2000s. In most cases, old vintage watch models have smaller cases than new watches. 

Pink Disney Minnie Mouse Watch for Ladies | Minnie Mouse Watch for Adults

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This is our Top 10 Best Vintage Minnie Mouse Watches. It includes the Minnie Mouse watch models that we love most and that can be found in our vintage Disney collection on

We've selected watches from all price ranges, with quartz and mechanical movements. All having one thing in common: they feature the lovely Minnie Mouse on the dial. Let us know in the comments which one's your favorite!

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