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15 Most Expensive Mickey Mouse Watches | Most Valuable Disney Watches

Posted by George Bogdan Bejan on

With prices ranging between $300 and $30,000, Mickey Mouse watches have a special place in the watch market, and a huge following. From Timex to Rolex, Mickey Mouse was featured by a variety of watch brands, low and high end.

In this article, we look at some of the most valuable Mickey Mouse watches on the market, made in collaboration with Disney. From the 1930s until today, some spectacular Mickey Mouse watches have been produced. Let's check out some of the most expensive timepieces that have held their value over the years.

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Minnie Mouse Watches: Vintage Minnie Mouse Watch Models & Their Worth

Posted by Lavinia Bejan on

Featuring one of Disney's most beloved characters, Minnie Mouse watches enjoy great success on the market when it comes to Disney fans. Hundreds of new and vintage Minnie Mouse watch models are available for purchase, so it's tough to choose the perfect timepiece. 

Looking for a special vintage Minnie Mouse watch? Wondering how much your vintage Minnie Mouse watch model is worth? In this article, we introduce you to some of the most exciting vintage Minnie Mouse watches in our collection, and we're giving you some insights on the value of Minnie Mouse watches.

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