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Antique and Vintage Mickey Mouse Watch Value | How much does it cost?

Posted by George Bogdan Bejan on

Antique and Vintage Mickey Mouse Watch Value

We have recently received a lot of questions regarding the value of antique and vintage Mickey Mouse watch models. Therefore, we decided to cover this topic in this article. Hopefully, this way some of you might get a better overall picture of the vintage Mickey Mouse watch world. 

Vintage Mickey Mouse Watch: How much does it cost?

Disney watches have become more and more popular over the years, with vintage timepieces exceeding the $1000 price mark. How much is your Disney watch worth, you may ask? Let's find out together how much some models from different brands cost, and you might get a better idea of how to rank yours.

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What makes a vintage Mickey Mouse watch more valuable?

There are many things to take into consideration when evaluating a watch. Some of the most important things are the watch brand, year of manufacture, the number of watches of that particular model ever produced, whether the movement is mechanical or quartz, overall condition, whether it has an extra function such as a musical one, and maybe the most important if it is functional or not.

We will go through each and one of these factors and show you some examples so that you can differentiate between different models, prices, brands, and values.

1. Watch Brand: What watch manufacturers have produced Disney Watches?

Disney has made many partnerships along the years with many reputable brands such as Rolex, Seiko, Ingersoll, Timex, Invicta, Lorus, Swatch, Gerald Genta & others. Their value depends as mentioned, on a variety of factors such as year of manufacture, movement, and functionality.

The most expensive Mickey Mouse watches are those made by Gerald Genta, Rolex, Ingersoll & Seiko.

 Vintage Mickey Mouse watches

Gérald Charles Genta was a Swiss watch designer and artist. He is known for his eponymous line of timepieces as well as his design work with other high-end watch manufacturers, including IWC, Omega SA, Universal Genève, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet.

He has designed some of the most iconic watch models from some of the biggest brands out there. There are a few Gerald Genta Mickey Mouse watches with prices ranging between $2000 and $20.000.

Gerald Genta Mickey Mouse watch

 Gerald Genta Fantasy Retro Mickey Mouse Race Driver Ref RSF.X.10.123.CA.BD.RUB. Price $15.000 - $20.000


Rolex needs no further introduction, as it is the biggest watch brand of all time. You will find the classic Rolex Daytona, as well as the Rolex Submarine, both of which also feature Mickey Mouse on the dial. These watches range from $4000 to $20.000. 


Rolex Mickey Mouse watch

1970s Rolex Mickey Mouse Ref. 6694 Watch. Price: $4500-$5000


The first Ingersoll watches, called "Universal" were introduced as early as 1892, supplied by the Waterbury Clock Company.

By 1899 the Waterbury Clock Company was producing 8,000 of these watches per day for Ingersoll, who started advertising that 10,000 dealers carried their dollar watch. By 1910, Waterbury was producing 3,500,000 dollar watches per year for Ingersoll.

The first Mickey Mouse watch was made in the 1930s. There have been some remakes issued, so make sure you're looking at a vintage one. The older the watch, the higher the price will be.

Vintage Mickey Mouse watch

1971 Ingersoll Mickey Mouse Mechanical Watch. $300 - $500



Seiko is the pioneer of quartz watch movements. They almost took out of business the entire Swiss watch industry. You can never go wrong with Seiko watches that will keep accurate time and last for more decades to come.

There are a few different types of vintage Disney Seiko watches. Firstly, you have the ones with the Seiko Logo displayed on the dial, which are more valuable and harder to find. These watches have been made in the 80s and 90s and have a value between $300 and $2000. 

The price depends on the Seiko watch model, age, whether it also has the original box and papers, and other factors as well. When it comes to quartz movements it is best to go with Seiko, or other brands owned by Seiko such as Lorus.

Vintage Seiko Mickey Mouse watch

 Mickey Mouse Seiko 4N01 0129 Watch


Secondly, you may also find watches that have been produced by Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII), as indicated on the back of the case. This is one of the three core companies of the Seiko Group. These watches will offer you the Seiko quartz accuracy, but at lower prices. The Seiko branded ones will have more complex mechanisms and that is why they are more expensive.

The prices will range from $50 up to $300, with limited edition watches and rare models at the higher end.

 Rare Edition Mickey Mouse Seiko (SII) Watch


 Rare Edition Mickey Mouse Seiko (SII) Watch

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Lorus is one of the brands made and marketed by the world-famous Seiko Watch Corporation, also producing Pulsar watches, Seiko watches, and Seiko and Lorus clocks.

Lorus and Seiko started producing Disney watches in 1985. Some of the most interesting watches are the musical ones that have one or two Mickey Mouse songs. Each of these songs can be activated by 2 extra buttons that the watches have. Some have only 1, meaning they can play only one Disney song.

When buying or selling a similar watch, make sure that the watch is in full working condition. The second hand must move as the song plays and then go back to its original position. We have a video about this that will be included further along in this article.


1990 Musical Mickey Mouse Lorus Seiko Quartz

 1990 Musical Mickey Mouse Lorus Seiko Quartz V422-0011 R2 Watch (2 songs). Prices: $95-$260



Musical Lorus Mickey Mouse World Flags V421-0020

 Musical Lorus Mickey Mouse World Flags V421-0020 Lorus Watch (1 song). Prices: $75-$200

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Timex is an American manufacturing company founded in 1854 as the Waterbury Clock Company in Waterbury, Connecticut. Ingersoll and U.S. Time, both of which have produced Disney watches are actually the same company (current Timex). 

Most Timex watches that feature Mickey Mouse are either newer models or produced under Ingersoll and U.S. Time brands. The vintage Mickey Mouse watches are mostly mechanical.

The newer Disney Watches produced by Timex often feature other Disney characters as well, such as Winnie the Pooh, Snow White, Lion King, and others. 

Winnie the Pooh & Bees Disney 90s Vintage Timex Quartz Watch

Winnie the Pooh & Bees Disney 90s Vintage Timex Quartz Watch. Prices: $50-$150


Snow White Princess Timex Watch

 Snow White Princess Timex Watch. Price: $75-$175


There are other watch brands such as Citizen, Invicta, and others that are producing Mickey Mouse watches, but they can not be considered vintage yet, since these partnerships are quite new.

2. Year of Manufacture: First Mickey Mouse Watches were produced by Ingersoll.

The first Mickey Mouse Disney watch was produced by Ingersoll back in the 1930s. This means that until 2030 no Disney watch can actually be called antique (antique = at least 100 years old). We just wanted to make this clarification, so that you know that the so-called "antique Disney watches" are actually vintage.

1930s Ingersoll Mickey Mouse Pocket Watch 
1930s Ingersoll Mickey Mouse Pocket Watch. Price: $500-$1200
Vintage Mickey Mouse Watch

1930s Ingersoll Mickey Mouse WristWatch. Price: $600-$1400

Vintage Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watch
 Mickey Mouse Wrist Watch 1940s US Time Walt Disney. Price: $250-$550


If you manage to find vintage Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watches, they are a keeper. Fiding one in working condition is incredible. We have 2 at this point in our collection which will be added soon on the website. Although the time accuracy is not the best, their beauty, history, and exquisite retro style are truly remarkable.

Finding these early models is incredibly rewarding. Over the years, newer Mickey Mouse watch models have been released from brands such as Timex, Seiko, Lorus, and many others, as mentioned above.


3. The number of models that were produced: Is your Mickey Mouse or Disney watch a Limited Release Model?

Big brands such as Rolex & Gerald Genta produce all of their watches in a limited quantity, which increases the interest for them and consequently their prices. 

There are also models by Seiko, Lorus or Disney that are Limited Releases. This information is usually indicated on the back on the case. They are worth more than regular models that have been produced in large numbers and therefore are widely available to the public. 

Limited Release watches can feature any Dinsey characters on the dial, such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, The Lion King, Cinderella, and many others.

Mickey Through the Years Vintage Watch

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The Lion King vintage watch

4. Mechanical vs Quartz

When it comes to watch collecting, you will see that most people will say that mechanical watches are the real collectible ones. For most watch collectors, the mechanical parts, the engineering, the mainspring, the sound of the balance wheel, all are equally important as the brand's history, when it comes to the overall value and appreciation for the watch.

Mechanical movements have been around for hundreds of years, explaining the passion and desire for such watches. When it comes to vintage Mickey Mouse Disney watches, 90% of the collectible ones will be powered by a mechanical movement. Brands such as Ingersoll have produced only mechanical Disney watches

Qurtz movement

Quartz Movement


Mechanical movement - example

Mechanical watch movement

If you find a vintage Seiko watch with a quartz movement, it would be a shame not to recognize its value. But when it comes to highly collectible mechanical Disney watches, the ones produced by Ingersoll are the most collectible and desired. 


5. Overall condition: How well has the watch been preserved and does it have its original parts?

The overall condition is very important for watch collectors. Having all the original parts, few scratches, no rust, dust or water inside the watch are critical to the overall value of a timepiece.

When storing a watch make sure to keep it away from water, moisture, dust and other damaging factors. Using a watch box, soft materials, or other protective measures will ensure the right preservation.


Water Damaged Rolex DateJust 3035 Movement

 Water Damaged Rolex DateJust 3035 Movement


6. Extra Function: Musical Watches


Most vintage watches from the 30s,40s or 50s have a lot of extra functions such as chronometer function, diving protection, rotating bezels, subdials, annual calendar complications, and many more.

The more complex the watch is, the more you will pay or receive for it. One of the best examples from our watch collection is the Lorus Mickey Mouse musical watch. These are one of the best selling Disney watches we have in our collection.

With quite a few variations, these watches have different colors, dials, and 2 different types of songs. We encourage you to take a few minutes and watch the video underneath, where we explain more about these watches.

 1980s Musical Mickey Mouse Lorus Watch | Check out its musical function!


 Find more about these amazing watches here.


7. Does the watch work or not? Wouldn't you rather have a functional vintage Dinsey watch?

What is the purpose of a watch after all? Vintage watches that tell accurate time and have a functional mechanism will have a higher value on the market.

Vintage mechanical watches have tens of watch parts inside, each one designed to add to the overall functionality of the movement. All these parts must be in perfect synchrony in order for the watch to keep on ticking. From simple screws that keep the mechanism in place to the balance wheel, a mechanical movement is a masterpiece to glimpse at. When selling or purchasing a watch, having a guarantee that the watch is fully functional will significantly impact its price.

However, there are people who enjoy collecting vintage watches just for the beauty of their design. Moreover, some watch enthusiasts prefer purchasing a timepiece that doesn't function, and work on the mechanism themselves. So, if you're one of those people who enjoy a beautiful watch that doesn't tick, or one of the watch-making enthusiasts looking for a project, don't get discouraged. There are many vintage Disney Mickey Mouse watches out there that could use some help. And the price will be cheaper.


Movement parts

Technical details of a Mechanical Watch Movement 


Quick clarification: Antique vs Vintage Watches

Antique watches are at least 100 years old. Vintage watches are at least 20 years old. Any watch under 20 years is likely to be classified as simply “old” neither modern nor quite yet vintage.

Until 2030 there will be no antique Mickey Mouse watches out there. The word antique has been used by many sellers, including us, to show that these watches are a lot more than 20 years old.


Do you enjoy buying vintage watches? Let us know in a comment below!

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  • I have a vintage Mickey mouse watch I received as a gift from a friend it was her mother’s what I found is the same watch worth $209 being sold it has stones around the face with Mickey’s face inside a gold plated clasp band I think it’s from the 60’s or 70’s I’m trying to find out its exact worth just curious.

    misty sprain on

  • Hi I have a fossil Mickey watch in a solid wood box with Mickey and walt on the front with certificate never worn. Is there any value? And where would I sell it?

    Sharon Dingus on

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    Tina Haws on

  • I have a V421-0020 in excellent condition just needs a battery. What could it possibly be worth?

    Jennifer Pendleton on

  • Hi there, thanks for all the wonderful information. In your article you haven’t mentioned watches made by Disney – sold at their Disney Shops. Are these have no real value? Or are they still made by a different company usually? As I see no other name on the watch… thanks

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