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CODE41 X41 Edition 6 Watch: The Pre-Order Countdown has started!

Posted by Lavinia Bejan on

CODE41 X41 Watch Pre-order

Pre-orders are now open for the CODE41 X41 Edition 6, which is now available with a breathtaking transparent sapphire case, extremely durable, whist allowing you to take a generous look at the impressive movement inside. 

In this article, we discover the impressive X41, the first participative fine watchmaking model in the world, and look behind the curtain, at the values that animate the CODE41 project.

If you're a watchmaking enthusiast and haven't heard of CODE41 before, make sure to check out this article to learn about a bold, innovative project born from a strong passion for mechanical beauty and watchmaking. If you know a thing or two about them already, have a look at the latest version of the X41 now available for pre-order. Let us know in the comments what's your take on the latest updates.

The X41 Watch: Community-driven human-powered watchmaking

What makes the X41 watch model stand out is the transparent, community-driven approach that the brand have taken in creating the timepiece. It's the only fine watchmaking piece in the world designed with such a high degree of participation from a large community of watch lovers.

Code41 X41

The members of the community can vote and have their say at each stage of the project. Moreover, they are taken aboard a journey following the creative process of the timepiece, being able to witness each stage of the design of the watch throughout production. Beyond offering access to photo and video footage of the design process, CODE41 is also organizing visits to workshops for its community members.

X41: Key features - what makes this watch unique

In addition to being born from a community-based approach, centered around the passion for fine watchmaking and the trust in the superior expertise of Swiss watchmakers and components, the X41 comes with some exciting features, such as:

Code41 X41 Sapphire case

  • A movement designed, produced and manufactured entirely in Switzerland, in limited series, exclusive to CODE41 members
  • Exclusive peripheral oscillating weight mastered by only a handful of brands
  • A spectacular transparent sapphire case that beautifully showcases the movement of the X41 (second hardest natural material after diamond); as well as two other, equally impressive options: the X41 Titanium case (Grade 5 Titanium 43% lighter than steel) and the X41 AeroCarbon case (two times lighter than titanium)
  • Assembling and finish done by hand
  • Exclusive architecture and design only for the CODE41 community
  • A competitive price point, in comparison to similar pieces from other watch brands
  • Total Transparency on Origin (TTO) - visibility on the costs and country of origin for the watch parts; and a transparent approach over the design and manufacture process. 

Pushing the limits of watchmaking innovation: covering the X41 entirely in sapphire

For watchmaking enthusiasts, the movement - the heart of the watch - is definitely the most exciting part of the product, a little work of art that is so satisfying to watch performing the precise job of keeping time. That is why, a transparent case makes a watch as spectacular as they can get, allowing you the luxury to admire the movement from all angles.

But in addition to its luminous transparency, the sapphire case impresses through its exceptional hardness. Sapphires are only surpassed by diamonds in terms of hardness. Thus, a sapphire case is extremely durable, resistant to scratches, and a safe cover for the beautiful movement of the watch.

Code41 X41 Sapphire Case

Despite the numerous technical challenges introduced by a sapphire case (such as the complexity and duration of shaping it, the cost of production, the exceptional precision needed for its cut and design, etc.), CODE41 rose up to the challenge and created an impressive timepiece, very competitive in terms of price.

Sapphire cases are offered by only a few Fine Watchmaking brands. CODE41 have made it their mission to design a piece that can be available to as many watch lovers as possible, with a considerably more affordable price point.

2022: New features available for the X41

To take the transparent aesthetic one step further, a translucent strap is now available for the X41 model. A perfect match for the sapphire case, the strap is made from high-quality materials, in keeping with the elevated standards set for all of the components of the watch.

CODE41 are also taking a few extra steps in the customization of the X41 watch model, by offering different color options for the bridges. Having proposed 9 different colors to the community, green and rainbow have been chosen.

X41 Code41 Color Options

How to buy a CODE41 X41 watch

You can find all the information about the X41 watch model, as well as the answers to all of your questions about technical features, shipping costs, etc., on the CODE41 website. The watch is now available for pre-order for a limited period, and it can be customized according to your preferences, and budget.

For example, you can opt for a sapphire, grade 5 titanium, or aerocarbon case; you can choose different colors for the bridges, watch hands, the size and color of the watch strap, etc. Read more about the project, the technical features and the movement of the watch here.

 About CODE41 watches

CODE41 is a young watch company founded by the designer Claudio D'Amore in 2016, driven by the ambition to reimagine the mechanical watchmaking industry.

The CODE41 innovative business model is centered on: a community of more than 530 000 members who take part in the creation of each model from design to production; total transparency on costs and origin to go beyond the Swiss made label; online and direct sales only through a preorder system to offer competitive prices and adopt a responsible approach without stock.

Read all about their watchmaking adventure here.

X41 Code41 Watch Titanium Case

If the X41 watch has piqued your interest, make sure to check out the CODE41 website to learn more about the project. Let us know in the comments what you think of this ambitious undertaking, and what variation of the X41 watch model you'd love to have on your wrist!

* This is a sponsored post. All of the opinions voiced in the article are our own.

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