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Bronze Hunter Vintage Pocket Watch | Swans Engraved Pocket Watch - Vintage Radar
Bronze Hunter Vintage Pocket Watch | Swans Engraved Pocket Watch - Vintage Radar
Bronze Hunter Vintage Pocket Watch | Swans Engraved Pocket Watch - Vintage Radar
Bronze Hunter Vintage Pocket Watch | Swans Engraved Pocket Watch - Vintage Radar

Bronze Hunter Vintage Pocket Watch | Swans Engraved Pocket Watch

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Swans by the Lake Rose-gold Pocket Watch

Rose-gold vintage pocket watch, depicting a natural scene of swans by the lake. It's a perfect gift for vintage enthusiasts since the watch has that timeless elegance. 

The rose gold design is balanced by some black undertones, which make it look even more vintage and refined. 

The watch can be engraved. The message will be written on the inside of the dial. Please select the engraving option, if you wish to personalize the watch. Keep an eye on your e-mail, as we will contact you regarding the text/message that will be engraved on the watch.

Dial diameter: 45 mm.
Condition: Mint condition.

The watch is in working condition!

Interested in this watch? Watch this video and get a better idea about it:

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The Perfect Gift for Him or Her

The watch is in mint condition, so it's perfect as a gift for someone special. It would be a lovely surprise to receive such an elegant, eye-catching present!

It can also be worn as a medalion, since it is a medium-sized pocket watch.

Be it a Christmas or a Birthday gift, we recommend this one!


Why choose vintage pieces

When investing in vintage pieces, you're investing in something that will only grow in value, and that you know is of higher quality than fast-fashion products.

The wooden box is not included. It is only for presentation purposes.


All you need to know about Vintage Radar

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The process behind our brand is a complex one: restoring antique and vintage pieces, making them look flawless, carefully reconstructing what is broken and capturing them as accurately as possible so that these articles get a chance to a second story.

The age, the brand and all the work behind every product, are all reflected in the price of our items. You can read more about the story behind our brand here. 

Our vintage watches are extensively verified by local watchmakers that we work with. Any repairs needed are done by professionals, so rest assured, all the watches are in perfect working condition. They are additionally checked for another 24 hours, once the order is placed, before shipping.

The pieces we sell are vintage, so they may present marks of the passage of time. Make sure you have a close look at the photos of each product. We try to capture them as accurately as possible. Colors may differ slightly. 



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