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Top 10 Vintage Mickey Mouse Watches | Best Disney Watches

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TOP 10 Vintage Mickey Mouse Watches

What makes vintage Mickey Mouse watches special? What are the best brands that have produced Mickey Mouse watches over the years? These are some of the questions we are going to answer in this article, to help you decide on the vintage watch model that best fits your preferences! Ready to dive into our Top 10 vintage Mickey Mouse watches

Top 10 Vintage Mickey Mouse Watches

Before we present you our Top 10 picks for Mickey Mouse vintage watches, we would like to talk you through some key characteristics you need to look for when choosing a vintage watch: brand, condition, and measurements.

  • Vintage watch brands: It's important to research brands if you haven't heard of them before. Some examples of trustworthy vintage watch brands that have collaborated with Disney over the years are Seiko, Pulsar by Seiko & Lorus by Seiko, Armitron, Timex, and even Rolex.
  • Watch condition: Since we're talking about vintage Disney watches, these pieces have been produced many years ago and have possibly been worn before. It's important to check on the product page, or with the seller, if the watch is in mint, good or poor condition, and also if it is fully functional. This can impact the price of the watch as well. 
  • Measurements: The dial diameter is the key measurement you'll need to make sure the watch will fit your wrist. The bracelet can be adjusted in most cases, but if the dial is way too big or too small for your wrist, there's not much you can do about it. 

 Now, let's get on with our TOP 10 vintage Mickey Mouse watches!

10. Ingersoll Mickey Mouse mechanical watch 

The first Ingersoll watches, called "Universal" were introduced in 1892. The brand has started its path to success in the 19th century, and it started producing Mickey Mouse watches in the 1930s. Just imagine how far back the history of these vintage Mickey Mouse watches goes!
This beautiful silver-tone model has arrived in our vintage Disney collection and we couldn't be more impressed by it. Both the design and its mechanical movement are indicative of how old this watch is. You can actually see how well it has stood the test of time, and you will surely be impressed by its performance today. Could this be the right Mickey Mouse vintage watch for you? Check it out!

Vintage Ingersoll Mickey Mouse Mechanical Watch


9. Old-school Lorus Musical Vintage Watch

If you're not yet familiar with Lorus, you should know that the brand was established by Seiko, after the great success of another one of its subsidiaries: Pulsar. You will see that our Top 10 vintage Mickey Mouse watches features many Lorus models since we believe this brand is one of the best for vintage watches featuring Disney characters. 
This particular one is pretty special because it is a musical Mickey Mouse watch. High-quality vintage musical watches are harder to find, and if you can get your hands on a beautiful watch model, you should definitely consider the opportunity. 
Japanese movement, gold-tone dial, musical features, this Mickey Mouse vintage watch has all the right qualities to be part of our Top 10!

Old-school Lorus musical watch


8. 75 Years With Mickey Disney Watch

This beautiful, versatile, silver-tone watch is a Mickey Mouse vintage watch by Disney, created with the occasion of the 75 Years anniversary of Mickey Mouse. There's no better way to celebrate Disney's most beloved character than by releasing a unique statement piece that will make Disney fans smile every time they check the time. 
If you're looking for a more subtle Mickey Mouse vintage watch, this model can be a good choice.

75 Years of Mickey Mouse vintage watch


7. Big Lorus Mickey Mouse Quartz Watch

Since we know that looking for an elegant, large-dial watch is tough, we have included this piece in our Top 10 vintage Mickey Mouse watches as well. This is a Lorus quartz watch, with stainless steel back and Japanese movement. The watch features Mickey Mouse in a retro-style design, on a gold-tone dial with large numerals. 
If you're looking for a large Disney watch, this watch is maybe a perfect choice!

Big Lorus Mickey Mouse Quartz Watch


6. Retro Seiko Mickey Mouse Watch

The result of a great collaboration between Seiko and Disney, this retro Mickey Mouse vintage watch ranks number 6 in our Top 10 vintage Mickey Mouse watches
The retro design is what makes this piece look stunning on the wrist. Mickey Mouse's hands are the ones showing you the time, and the beloved character is carefully depicted on a gold-tone dial. An example of timeless vintage elegance, this Mickey Mouse vintage watch is a great choice for both men and women!

Elegant Seiko Mickey Mouse Watch

5. Rare Mickey Mouse Holographic Watch by Seiko

What an exciting piece this Holographic Mickey Mouse watch is! A Lorus quartz watch pairing a black faux leather strap with a gold-tone dial, and a holographic design of Mickey Mouse. 
This Mickey Mouse watch surely is eclectic, eye-catching and, moreover, it is made by a high-quality brand like Lorus. Is this the perfect Mickey Mouse vintage watch for you? Check out the link below to find out more!

Rare Mickey Mouse Holographic Seiko Watch


4. Gold-tone Lorus Mickey Mouse Musical Watch

As we're approaching number 1, we had to include this Lorus Mickey Mouse musical watch model, which comes in a gold-tone and a silver-tone variant (see number 3). 
Like many other exquisite vintage Mickey Mouse watches, Mickey Mouse's hands are the time tellers for this watch model. A symbol of peace and friendship, country flags are taking the place of numerals on the gold-tone dial of the watch.

Lorus Musical Mickey Mouse Watch


3. Silver-tone Lorus Mickey Mouse Musical Watch

Down to our Top 3 vintage Mickey Mouse watches, our pick is this silver-tone Lorus musical watch, which we highly recommend. In addition to its elegant design and high-quality mechanism, the watch is impressive by its musical function, which will surely remind you of childhood. 

Mickey Mouse Lorus Vintage Watch


2. Rare Mickey Mouse Musical Watch by Lorus

The star piece that ranks number 2 in our Top 10 Mickey Mouse vintage watches is this rare Mickey Mouse musical vintage watch by Lorus. You can find this piece in our vintage Disney collection (only 1 available!). 
This watch plays two Disney songs and comes with a breathtaking design that will surely impress you.
Interested in Mickey Mouse musical watches? We have a guide dedicated to musical watches only. Check it out to find the perfect Mickey Mouse musical watch!

Rare Lorus Disney Musical Mickey Mouse Watch


1. 60 Years of Mickey Mouse Original Lorus Quartz Watch:1987 Rare Vintage Watch

Ready for number 1? A rare vintage piece dating back to 1987, this limited edition Mickey Mouse vintage watch by Lorus has landed in the first place in our Top 10.
The watch was released with the occasion of the 60 years anniversary of Mickey Mouse. Very well-preserved, with a timelessly elegant design in shades of white and gold, this vintage Mickey Mouse watch is surely worth checking out! 

60 Years of Mickey Mouse Original Lorus Quartz Watch


60 Years of Mickey Mouse Original Lorus Quartz Watch


What is your favorite vintage Mickey Mouse watch from our TOP 10? Let us know in the comments!


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