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Swatch Pop Watch Collection | Vintage Swatch Pop Watches 80s & 90s

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Swatch Pop Watch Collection

If you are a Swatch collector, you most likely love vintage Swatch Pop watches because of their unique style, size, shape, abundance of colors, and retro designs. Here on Vintage Radar we have a large Swatch Pop watch collection of over 200 models

The Swatch Pop watch was introduced in 1986 and to this day it is something unique in the watch industry. The main case "Pops" out of the plastic frame and the watch straps are easily interchangeable. Each model has a different design, a different color, and a unique story. Let's have a look together at our Pop Swatch watch collection.

If you are interested in finding out more about an individual Pop Swatch model, make sure to check out our collection here.

Here is a quick glimpse at our latest collection of over 100 vintage Pop Swatch watches, where you will find some unique and classic models.

Swatch Pop Watches 80s

RARE 1988 Pop Swatch Skeleton

1988 Pop Swatch Watch

Here is a perfect example of an 80s Swatch Pop watch that has a skeletonized dial, meaning we can actually see the movement and the wheels spinning. Most Swatch watches are powered by a Swiss quartz movement. All new and old Pop Swatch watch models have quartz movements so you will only need to replace the battery once a year and you're done. 

The case width is around 45 mm, which is very large, especially for the period when these vintage watches have been released. Those pieces were meant to be worn as fashion watches, and they could easily stand out. There are still plenty of classic models but most of them have exotic, hipster designs. 

If you like this type of Swatch watches, we've made a Top 10 Pop Swatch watches from the 80s & 90s where you can easily find the best picks from our Pop Swatch watch collection.

 Swatch Pop Watches 90s

One of our favorite 90s Swatch Pop Watch models is the Pop Swatch ALICE PWK165, which is inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The dial and strap both tell a story that hint to a lot of elements from the Alice in Wonderland Disney movie and the original story.

Pop Swatch ALICE PWK165 | 1992 Vintage Pop Swatch Alice in Wonderland

1992 Vintage Pop ALICE PWK165 Swatch Alice in Wonderland

The 90s was a prosperous creative period for the Swatch brand, when they released a multitude of colorful watch designs. They added new types of straps and some bold models that to this day are very sought after. Have a look at this dare-devil 1994 Swatch Pop model. Pretty fun to have on the wrist, right?

1994 Pop Swatch PMB103 HOT STUFF Watch Vintage with Box & Papers

1994 Pop Swatch PMB103 HOT STUFF Watch 

The Swatch brand revived the entire Swiss watch industry, when it was at its lowest due to the quartz crisis. If you want to find more about the history of the Swatch brand, make sure to read our article about How Swatch Watches Became a Thing.

Biggest Swatch Watch Collection for Sale Online

Vintage Radar is a great place to find vintage Swatch watches, as we have one of the biggest Swatch watch collections available for sale online. We have over 1000 Swatch watches in our store, so make sure to check them out here

Biggest Swatch Watch Collection for Sale Online

Some of our Swatch watches

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Find the perfect Pop Swatch watch with Vintage Radar

We are sure that you will find a great a Pop Swatch watch model that suits you. If not, you have over 1000 different Swatch watches to choose from. If you have any questions or need help choosing a vintage watch from our platform, don't hesitate to contact us or leave us a comment below!

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