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Pop Swatch Vintage: Retro Swatch Watches from the 80s & 90s

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Pop Swatch Vintage: Retro Swatch Watches from the 80s & 90s

Who remembers vintage Pop Swatch watches? Take a colorful trip down memory lane with us and discover some of the coolest 80s & 90s retro Pop Swatch watches out there!

With quirky, large dials, and exciting designs, vintage Pop Swatches are a refreshing touch of color on the wrist. And not only. Easily attachable to your backpack, belt or T-shirt, a Pop Swatch is a multi-functional accessory that you can style in so many ways. Even as a pocket watch. Get inspired by these impressive retro-vintage Pop Swatch designs.

 Pop Swatch Vintage: Top 10 Pop Swatch watches from the 80s & 90s

1. 1992 Pop Swatch ALICE PWK165

Pop Swatch ALICE PWK165

The ALICE PWK165 Pop Swatch model is one of the rarest Pop Swatch watches in our collection. This beautiful retro timepiece comes with its original bracelet, and it has been preserved in amazing condition. It's our favorite Pop Swatch model of all time.

Like all Swatch watches, this watch is powered by a durable Swiss quartz movement that keeps perfect time. Despite featuring a large 45-mm case, Pop Swatch watches are designed to fit most wrist sizes. If you're looking for a unique retro timepiece, we highly recommend this colorful Swatch, inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Pop Swatch ALICE PWK165 Vintage

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2. Pop Swatch PWK152 PLEASURE GARDEN Watch

PLEASURE GARDEN is a little work of art to have on the wrist. This 1990s vintage Pop Swatch comes with a fascinating dial design, and an even more intriguing wrist band. 


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This colorful Pop Swatch will take you on a trip to faraway lands. The purple tones create a lovely contrast with the blue, yellow, and red details of the watch. It's a 90s timepiece that will not go unnoticed. And it's right at the crossroad between elegance and playfulness. Can you picture it on your wrist?



Vintage SOUPE DE POISSON PWZ106 Pop Swatch Watch

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SOUPE DE POISSON is not only a Pop Swatch model with a stunning design, but it also comes with a unique packaging style. This 1993 Pop Swatch model could be purchased in a box in the form of a sea shell, as the one below:

SOUPE DE POISSON Swatch packaging

Image source:

Even the little fishing net was included. A Pop Swatch that's a conversation starter. Don't you think?

4. DIE HERZOGIN PMG100 Pop Swatch

In vibrant tones of red, blue and gold, DIE HERZOGIN is one of the most spectacular Pop Swatch watches of the 90s. The name of the watch translates as The Dutchess, and this particular Pop Swatch model has a smaller case width, of only 43-mm. The touches of gold and the beautiful pattern on the bracelet add a shimmer of elegance to this quirky, retro Swatch.


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5. Vintage Pop Swatch HAUTE SOCIETE PWK193

Despite the fancy name, the HAUTE SOCIETE Pop Swatch is quirky and joyful, like all 90s Swatch Pop watches are. But that is part of the charm: figuring out the meaning that lies behind every Swatch name and design. 

This 1994 vintage Pop Swatch model surely deserves its place in our Top 10. The watch comes with a colorful dial design, and an even more colorful bracelet. In the photo below, you can see our HAUTE SOCIETE PWK193 Pop Swatch model, which unfortunately does not come with its original strap. But the magic is there. 

Vintage Pop Swatch HAUTE SOCIETE PWK193

6. PAROS PWB147 Pop Swatch

The PAROS PWB147 Pop Swatch model dates back to 1990. This Pop Swatch comes with a more versatile design than most, being easier to style. Its white dial features black roman numerals in a beautiful font. It's a statement retro piece, great for adding a 90s touch to your outfit.

Pop Swatch watches are powered by Swiss-made quartz movements. Their cases are made of plastic, and are easily detachable from the strap. The point is to attach them to any item of clothing you desire. But the PAROS PWB147 Pop Swatch looks pretty great on this dark red strap, don't you think?

PAROS PWB147 Pop Swatch

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7. 1989 RUSH HOUR PWBB109 Pop Swatch

Going all the way back to 1989, the RUSH HOUR Pop Swatch is a colorful throwback to the 80s. The watch features a polka-dot black strap, and a black dial with colorful dots that act as hour markers. It's a beloved vintage Pop Swatch model that is still in great demand. And no wonder. The design of this lovely Pop Swatch is timeless, and it beautifully showcases the witty playfulness of vintage Pop Swatch watches. 

1989 RUSH HOUR PWBB109 Pop Swatch

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8. Pop Swatch NEANDA VIOLA PMK133

Pairing a metallic blue case and bracelet, the Pop Swatch NEANDA VIOLA comes with an elegant, refined design, looking a bit different than most Pop Swatch watches. If you look closely, you will be able to see the moon-shaped details on the hands of the watch. A variation of this model is the NEANDA PMB116, which comes with a silver-tone bracelet and case, and has a similar, yet not identical, design. 


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9. 1991 AQUABA PWN102 Pop Swatch Watch

Is there anything more exciting than a Pop Swatch with a skeleton feature? The 1991 AQUABA PWN102 Pop Swatch watch is one of the few models that allow us to take a glimpse at its Swiss quartz movement, through the inner part of its dial. Moreover, the watch comes with an eclectic dial and bracelet design, in pale tones of purple, blue and yellow. The perfect timepiece for 90s Swatch enthusiasts! 

AQUABA PWN102 Pop Swatch Watch

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10. 1991 Pop Swatch LEGAL BLUE PWK144

And finally, let's have a look at an equally intriguing 1991 Pop Swatch, this time with a more versatile design. The 1991 LEGAL BLUE PWK144 Pop Swatch also comes with a skeleton feature, but this watch model has a clean, sleek silver-tone dial design, and a minimalist blue strap. LEGAL BLUE is probably a much better fit for everyday wear. 

1991 LEGAL BLUE Pop Swatch

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Our Top 10 Pop Swatch watches comes to an end here. But there are hundreds of exciting Pop Swatch models out there that are so worth the hype! This selection features some of our favorite all-time vintage Pop Swatch models from the 80s & 90s, most of which you can also find in our collection.

Make sure to check out the complete Vintage Radar Pop Swatch collection!

Is this your first time reading about Pop Swatch watches? Here are a few things you should know!

What is a Pop Swatch?

A Pop Swatch is a Swatch watch that will pop off the strap, and that you can use in multiple ways: as a pocket watch, as a pendant tied to a necklace, attached to your belt, backpack, and even as a desk watch/clock. The Pop Swatch line was introduced by Swatch in 1986.

Swatch is short for second watch, but people often associate it with Swiss watch as well. The idea behind Swatch watches consisted in creating an affordable quartz watch that was entirely Swiss-made. With joyful, creative designs, the Swatch group played an important role in saving the Swiss watchmaking industry from the quartz crisis. Read more about the history of Swatch here.

How much is a Pop Swatch?

A new Pop Swatch can be bought for a price of $85. Swatch has released a line of modern Pop Swatch watches that are based on the same concept as the vintage ones: a watch that pops off the strap and can be worn in multiple ways.

Vintage Pop Swatch watches can vary in price from as low as $10 to $300-400. The factors that impact their selling price are: the state of their movement, their condition, whether they come with their original strap, how rare and hard to find a Pop Swatch model is, etc.

How can I identify my Pop Swatch model?

Every Swatch watch model has a name and a reference. For example for the Pop Swatch LEGAL BLUE PWK144 watch: LEGAL BLUE is the name, and PWK144 is the reference. With this information you can easily find the Swatch model you're looking for. Unfortunately, you won't find these references written on the watch.

So here's how you can proceed.

First of all, you can check to see if the year of your Pop Swatch model is written on the dial. By using the year and maybe some color attributes, you can run a search on Google images, and see if your Pop Swatch model shows up.

Otherwise, we suggest using Facebook groups. There are many Swatch watch enthusiasts out there who are willing to help.

The Swatch website used to have a Swatch Finder search engine, which allowed you to determine your Swatch model. Every Swatch watch design from 1983 until today was featured there. For the moment, the Swatch Finder is no longer available, so you'll most likely need to turn to Google and to the Swatch lovers community to get help.

Do you already own a vintage Pop Swatch? If you do, make sure to let us know in the comments. We're also eager to find out what your favorite Pop Swatch model is!

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