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Best 90s Swatch Watch Models | 1990s Retro Swatch Watch Collection

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Best 90s Swatch Watch Models

Swatch is a Swiss watch brand that has been around since 1983. The 90s was a period of vast growth for the Swatch Group, which would eventually lead to the expansion of their portfolio, with high-end watch brands such as Blancpain and Breguet. As the brand grew, a lot of exciting Swatch models were released, so let's check out some cool 90s Swatch watches!

Vintage 90s Swatch Watches


Biggest Swatch Watch Collection

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In this list, we will include a few interesting models, which are also available in our store. Pop Swatch watches, Swatch Irony models, musical Swatch models, Scuba & more, a little bit of everything and some of our favorite Swatch watches.

Retro Swatch Watches from the 80s and 90s

Since 1983, Swatch has had a huge impact on the global watch industry and are true pioneers in terms of innovation and creativity. The Swatch Group has revived the trust in Swiss watches. It has made the most renowned mass-produced Swiss quartz movements. And they achieved the perfomance of using only 51 watch parts in an automatic timepiece, assembled entirely by robots.

With some innovative marketing strategies, Swatch has progressively conquered the European watch market. Nowadays, the 80s and 90s Swatch watches are becoming more and more collectible, since they get harder and harder to find. 

Now let's have a look at some of our top picks! 

1. PAROS PWB147 Pop Swatch | 90s Vintage Pop Swatch Watches

At the top of our list, we find the PAROS PWB147 Pop Swatch, which has a simple and classic design. Dating back exactly to 1990, this model is a key piece in our Pop Swatch watch collection, a rare model with a design that is no longer in production.

With a case width of 46-mm, these oversized bulky Swatch models bring back that retro Swatch look of the 90s, which is currently making a come-back.

Vintage POP Swatch PAROS


2. FLOWER POWER PUJ101 Pop Swatch | 1997 Swatch Alarm Table Clock

Here we have a unique Pop Swatch watch, which can be converted into a table clock. Dating back to 1997, the FLOWER POWER PUJ101 Swatch is a great fun piece to have in your collection. 

The 80s and 90s Pop Swatch watches are very fun to collect and are reflective of that colorful time period. The FLOWER POWER Pop Swatch is a nice little gadget to wake up, and it will certainly brighten your morning with its joyful design.

FLOWER POWER PUJ101 Pop Swatch | 1997 Swatch Alarm Table Clock


3. 1999 Rare Swatch Irony Chrono Watch DARING YCS416G | Swiss Chronograph

The 1999 Rare Swatch Irony Chrono Watch DARING YCS416G features a beautiful pale dial, a stainless steel case and black leather watch strap. The Swatch Irony family offers more resiliant watches compared to the plastic versions. 

With aluminum or stainless steel cases, these watches will stand the test of time.

1999 Rare Swatch Irony Chrono Watch DARING YCS416G | Swiss Chronograph


4. GENETIC CODE GZ164 Vintage Swatch Watch | Mint Condition Swiss Watch

The GENETIC CODE GZ164 Vintage Swatch Watch is the beautiful skeletonized Swatch model that should be in every Swatch collector's watch box. 

With a clear sight of the movement, watch battery, and rotating wheels this see-through Swiss watch looks so impressive on the wrist. And it's a timepiece that allows you to marvel at the inner workings of the watch.

GENETIC CODE Vintage Swatch


5. 1994 OVATION SLM103 Vintage Musical Swatch Watch for Men & Women

Vintage Swatch watches make up a large part of our Swiss vintage watch collection. The Swatch brand always surprises with new, ever more creative design pieces, with remarkable Swiss movements and exciting functions.

As the title says, the 1994 Swatch watch model features a musical function. If you press the watch crown and hold it for a few seconds the magic will start.

1994 OVATION SLM103 Vintage Musical Swatch Watch for Men & Women

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The Luzern auctions in the early 90s

In 1991, Robert Casagrande, a wealthy Swiss souvenir shop owner and a small team of Swatch enthusiasts established the first International auction for Swatch. He wanted more than a simple auction, more like a multi-day event complete with organized dinner, traders bourse and of course a quite glamorous auction with many rare Swatches and also plenty of unusual prototypes. Additionally, his team decided to devise a multi-year theme to go along with the specially created event "Timepiece" that they would create each year. They never really told anyone about this theme until it became evident in the third year.

Read the full Article here!

6. TOUTATIS RESTYLED YDS4002AGC Swatch Watch | Scuba 200 Swatch Irony

Among our best sellers, we find the Swatch Scuba 200 Irony line, the perfect mix between a Swatch Scuba and a Swatch Irony. The TOUTATIS RESTYLED YDS4002AGC Swatch watch features a rubber watch strap and an enforced watch case, with water-resistance up to 200m.

The orange dial, rotating bezel, date function, luminiscent hour markers and hands are just a few of the amazing features this Swatch diver watch offers. 

7. GREENTIC SCV100 Swatch Watch | 1992 Vintage Swatch Chronograph 

The 90s Swatch chronograph watches are some of the most exciting budget Swiss timepieces you can get. The mix of colors on the dial, perfect geometry, chrono functions, and affordable prices made these watches so popular during that time period.

Dating back to 1992, the GREENTIC SCV100 Swatch Watch still looks modern and fresh. The vibrant colors and the Swiss engineering behind the movement are the key ingredients behind the success of the Chrono Swatch watches. Wouldn't you agree?

8. STILL WORKING SQZ103 Digital Beat Swatch Watch | 1999 Digital Swatch Watch 

A Swatch model that not many know about, the Swatch Digital Beat has been around for over 20 years now. This watch might be a great alternative to a G-Shock, in case you are looking for a Swiss-made vintage watch with similar functions.

Bulky, made of plastic, a variety of functions to discover, that sums up this spectacular Swatch model. For a more elegant alternative to this model, check out the Swatch Beat Aluminium version.

STILL WORKING SQZ103 Digital Beat Swatch Watch | 1999 Digital Swatch Watch


9. 1995 PLANETARIUM SRG100 Solar Swatch Watch | 90s Rare Swatch Watch

Brands such as Seiko & Citizen have mastered solar-powered watchmaking, but Swatch has also produced solar watches back in the 1990s. The 1995 PLANETARIUM SRG100 Solar Swatch watch is a stunning solar-powered timepiece.  

Swiss-Made, mass produced, assembled by machinery, and on top, solar-powered. Was that possible for Swatch in ths 90s? Of course!

1995 PLANETARIUM SRG100 Solar Swatch Watch | 90s Rare Swatch Watch


10. 1993 BAY BREEZE SDJ101 Swatch Scuba Watch | 90s Swiss Dive Watch 

This list could not have been complete without a Scuba Swatch watch. The 1993 BAY BREEZE SDJ101 Swatch Scuba Watch features a partly see-through dial, a rotating bezel, and a great funky 90s look. Scuba Swatch watches are water-resistant up to 20 bars, which can be very useful.

However, when purchasing a vintage Scuba Swatch, make sure to have their water-resistance checked before swimming or diving with it on your wrist.

1993 BAY BREEZE SDJ101 Swatch Scuba Watch | 90s Swiss Dive Watch

 These are some of our favorite Swatch watch models from the 90s. But with hundreds of colorful designs released in that period, we're sure you have your favorites lined up as well. Let us know in the comments what your favorite Swatch model is! And what are the 90s Swatch watch models you proudly wear on your wrist!


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    Pablo Núñez Serrano on

  • Ando en busca de la coleccion de 3 relojes swatch swiss coleccion rara vintage conjunto de halloween 1 de ellos es el kannibal color amarillo

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  • Ando en busca de la coleccion de 3 relojes swatch swiss coleccion rara vintage conjunto de halloween 1 de ellos es el kannibal color amarillo

    Alberto Sanchez Jimenez on

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