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A Swatch watch for Every Occasion | Vintage Travels

Posted by Lavinia Bejan on

Looking for a watch to accompany you in all of your adventures? Let us make some recommendations! No matter the weather, the destination, or the experiences you are most eager to try, Swatch watches are the ultimate accessories to assist you in the journey. A Swatch for every occasion - this was once the tagline for Swatch watches, but what if you could have only one Swatch, for ANY occasion? Here are some Swatch models that might do the trick!

Why choose a Swatch watch?

Swatch watches have a quality that has made them so successful in just a few years since the Swiss brand launched: their creative designs. More than introducing a quartz-operated, Swiss-made watch, Swatch has allowed total freedom in terms of design, making their watches more than a useful accessory: a fashion statement.


A Swatch watch can go a long way, given its key characteristics: affordable, beautiful, high quality and resistant. It is said that a new Swatch design is created every day and a half. This means that no matter your preferences and taste, there is one Swatch model out there that is right up your street! To top it off, the watches are water-resistant, and the exterior is made out of plastic, which makes them easy to travel with, as well as a good choice for an active life.

Shop similar models!

So, no matter where your adventures take you, a Swatch watch is a good, reliable companion. And if one isn't enough, you can even start your very own Swatch collection. A Swatch for every occasion, a Swatch for every season maybe. Find the model that best suits you in our Swatch collection!

Swatch watches of the week

Here is our selection of Swatch watches for the week, inspired by the colors of Portugal, and the beautiful destinations we're now exploring. A last glimpse of summer, before we dive into the autumn sales! These are versatile Swatch watches that will work with a variety of outfits and are perfect for travel. Which one is your favorite?

2009 All Red GR154 Swatch. SHOP NOW!

A simple, red design, with easy-to-read Arabic numerals. Water-resistant. Glow-in-the-dark limbs. This beautiful Swatch watch is on sale! Have a look!

Minimalist Blue Swatch Watch. SHOP NOW!

A similar design, yet in a beautiful shade of ocean blue. Swiss-made, water-resistant, quartz operated. Read more about this model here.




Add a bit of color to your everyday adventures with this stunning Swatch model. Now on sale!

These beautiful Swatch models have all the right qualities to make the perfect accessories for traveling and for an active life. We've selected a few of our favorite models that we believe are versatile, easy-to-wear, and a great fit for both men and women. These watches also come at a very affordable price, and have been preserved in mint condition. 

More about Vintage Travels

Vintage Travels is a series that we're starting on the blog, to inspire you to shop responsibly at home and during your travels. We'll feature some of our own vintage products, as well as products and other discoveries from vintage stores around Europe.


We hope to have given you a nice selection of minimalist watches, as well as a touch of color, inspired by our travels. All the watches featured in this article are suitable for both men and women and are designed to accommodate most wrist sizes. 

Looking for the Swatch that fits you best? Make sure to check out our Swatch collection!
Need more help finding the perfect watch? Here are some of our other Swatch recommendations:


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