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Etsy Shop Critique and Review | Improve And Rank Your Etsy Shop

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Etsy Shop Critique

This is one of the most complete Etsy SEO services out there in 2019. Our Etsy shop critique will open your eyes and make you understand all the small details you might have missed all those weeks. It is time to fully redesign your Etsy shop and start increasing your sales! We have been working with many shops and have provided this service on 4 platforms including Etsy and have had incredible results. We have helped Etsy shop owners understand how important their shop overall image, description, story and text are. Everything is done in accordance with Etsy standards, customers expectations, and competition research. We have created 3 packages in order to satisfy all types of shops and budgets. Make sure to check all our Etsy services here.


Improve And Rank Your Etsy Shop

If you have already clicked on the link above you might have seen how many types of Etsy services we provide. This is another way to improve and rank your Etsy shop higher in searches. When a customer enters your shop page the overall image will leave a first impression which will make them decide what they will do next. They might either leave and search for other products since Etsy offers thousands of variations or stay on your shop, browse through your listings and make a purchase. We are here to make sure your traffic translates into sales. 



You will receive a PDF via e-mail which will contain all the information depending on the package you choose. If you wish to purchase this service several times we recommend you go for the premium package and purchase it only ONCE.


Do you sell on Etsy and need help?!

Good news! 
We are here to help you and make those changes happen. After 5 years of selling on Etsy, over 2500 sales, 12 different shops and hundreds of sellers helped, we are a perfect choice!

Do you sell jewelry, vintage, handmade, wedding, personalized or digital products?

We have you covered! We have optimized all type of shops.

1. Basic Package:

  • Entire shop critique:  I will look over your shop's key components: products, photos, titles, tags, descriptions, shipping and policies, pricing, tagline, about page, and shop announcement
  • Offer advice and solution for all of them!

This package is for Etsy sellers who are pretty new to the platform or have been struggling lately. This might just put you in the right direction and you can continue the changes yourself or check our next packages.

2. Standard Package:

  • Basic package included
  • I will write Shop title, Shop announcement, About us page 
  • Provide top basic keywords for your listings (based on the research of Etsy and competitors)
  • Provide more detailed assistance to the basic package


Although the last package is our best-seller, this is a great deal for the money. You get all the support from the Basic package plus many examples of actual changes and some basic keywords to focus when you write your titles, tags, and descriptions from now on.

3. Premium Package:

  • Standard Package included
  • I will provide all the keywords on Etsy relevant to your shop (Competition, best to use, frequency & more)
  • I will assist you along with all changes
  • I will rewrite 5 listings: Title, Tags, Descriptions

This is our BESTSELLER  as it includes all possible keywords that will work longterm for your business, and 5 complete listings remade. If you were to purchase the service for 5 Full listings with titles, tags, and descriptions you would pay around 50-70 Euros from any SEO provider. This is why this is the best seller. We also offer a lot of support and will surely make a great change.

This is the most complete Etsy Service on the web!





1. Can you do all type of shops?

Yes! I can research keywords for any shop and improve your overall traffic and sales! We have done fashion, jewelry, digital goods, clothing, t-shirts, wedding, personalization shops & more!


2. Will this guarantee more sales?

No one's service can guarantee more sales, however, if suggestions are implemented, it will improve your views for potential sales.


3. Will you offer assistance after the service is completed?

Yes! Each package will come with a level of assistance afterward. The bigger the package the bigger the commitment!


4. Can I upgrade my package?

Sure! If after one package you are happy with the results I will make a custom order with the remaining changes.


5. Can you show me the other shops you have done?

No. Would you like me to share your changes and improvements with others? I guess you feel the same way. You can see our feedback, screenshots for that!