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50 Product Title and 13 Tags | Etsy SEO Help 2020 | Etsy Sellers | Etsy Sales

Vintage Radar

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Etsy SEO help 2020

Etsy has made a lot of changes and we need to keep up with them in order to get more sales. Titles and Tags are crucial for your Etsy sales. We are here to make sure Etsy sellers get discovered and the engagement they deserve. Keyword research and competition has become one heavy-duty since so many Etsy shops use specialized marketers to stay on top. You should do the same as Etsy has over 1 million sellers at this point. Getting discovered with some basic and universal products is almost impossible. That is where we step in and make sure you get all the attention from potential customers. You need to show up in results. 50 listings are for medium shops who want to make a big impact. You can check our other offers as well here.

This service is for Etsy Title and tags. 1 listing means we will rewrite your Etsy title and 13 tags based on Etsy search results, competition, Google trends, and our research.


Etsy SEO help

Many people try to do things on their own after reading a few articles or watching a few videos and that is not how it works. We have over 1000 Etsy shops optimized and we have learned something from each one, different products, photos, and shop branding ideas. We are ready to help you build a lasting shop on Etsy and that needs a lot of experience. We have also reached an inventory of over 15.000 vintage pieces with money earned from Etsy sales. We made it! Now we want to help you achieve the same level.


50 Product Title and 13 Tags

As the title says this service is for 50 Etsy products. We will be doing all the research and start helping you as fast as possible. We recommend this pack to start with as it is our best seller and also it gets you going and see faster results. For large Etsy shops, we recommend to remake even 100 products to boom and dominate your competition. Make sure to check our other offers available and pick the best suitable one for you.

You can check our listing and website feedback, facebook reviews and anywhere on the web, you will see that we are professional and top-rated at what we do. After working with so many shops we have accumulated a lot of Etsy insight on what works and what does not work. Your competitor's shop might have been SEO optimized by our team. There is enough room for 100 shops optimized on Etsy as we also rely on external search which means that when Etsy has low overall traffic you might still make the same number of sales. What are you waiting for?



 Etsy Shops

As you might have noticed, there are millions of Etsy shops on this amazing platform. Getting on the first page might seem impossible if you sell jewelry, antiques, handmade bracelets or digital prints because your competition is huge. Now, you should not panic as they started just like you and went on a long path to get there. We can outperform them but that won't happen overnight. We will do our part, you will have to make some changes and also have some patience. 




If you just opened your shop, have a few items, no sales, no feedback, do not expect to get on page 1 the next day as nobody will be able to achieve that for you. We don't use any illegal algorithms that might endanger your shop or get it suspended by Etsy.

When we say ranking on page 1 that depends on keywords, competition, sales, feedback, views, traffic, and many more. We will try to rank you higher on easier keywords first in order to build momentum for the main ones. For example: If you sell handmade bracelets there are another 50.000 products with this keyword phrase, but maybe we can try with a variation such as black ladies handmade bracelet. In time, first page ranking on specific keywords will help you rank first on the more generic ones. 

How does this work? 

1. Decide how many products/items you want to improve. The more, the better, and the faster the results can be seen. If your Etsy shop has 10 products and you decide to upgrade only 1 listing you might see very little to 0 increase in sales. When we optimize10-20 + listings, traffic changes can be seen within a week. 

We recommend you start with the least performing products you have. If one item gets sales already, it means you are doing something right and might just need little adjustments and not a complete change. We can help with that as well. The least performing items are the ones you want to improve as fast as possible as they are a waste of fees, time and Etsy and Google algorithms might say: " This doesn't work, maybe the entire shop is not worth promoting. " 


2. Place the order and leave an e-mail address where we can contact you and get this started. 

3. We will get in touch with you in under 24h usually and we'll ask you for the links of the products you wish to have SEO optimized.

We will usually ask for screenshots of your stats, search results, customer number and other stats. There is also the possibility to provide us with the login information and change it back after we have delivered our service.

4. We will provide you with the new title and tags which you can then apply.

After we have all the information we will get to work. This will take some time depending on how many orders we have in queue and how many products you want to get optimized.

5. After relisting, we can monitor rankings and traffic. 

Please keep in mind that results might be seen after 30 days, as Etsy and Google algorithms assess and integrate these changes. 

We offer full support, changes, and adjustments until we reach the best results.

6. In case there are no changes in traffic and rankings we will refund your order, no questions asked.

Please note: We don't write the description of products. For that service, please see:

Contact us for a custom order. 

We will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Just click the messenger button and get in touch with us asap.