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Vintage Gold Plated Necklace with Authentic Sapphire Stone

Vintage Radar

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Premier Gem Collection: Gold Plated Necklace with Saphire Stone & Austrian Crystals

This stunning necklace comes with its original box and a certificate of authenticity. 

Herringbone gold-plated chain, genuine one carat Sapphire, surrounded by Austrian crystals. 

Needless to say, it's a beautiful accessory that will certainly receive much attention. The piece is in mint condition, with absolutely no sign of previous wear.

It would make a very special gift for someone, given its antique, unique features. We highly recommend it. It's one of our best-preserved pieces.



This accessory is part of a large collection of jewelry pieces, kindly donated to us by an elegant old lady. We are gradually adding the most beautiful pieces to our Vintage Radar jewelry collection. Stay tuned!


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