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Top 5 Swatch Irony watches for women | Ladies Swatch Irony watches

Posted by George Bogdan Bejan on

What are the best Swatch Irony watches for women?

Swatch Irony is one of the most iconic Swatch watch lines of all time. If you have ever heard about the Swatch Group, which was founded in 1983, you must have heard at least once about Swatch Irony watches. The Irony family contains all the metal-cased watches produced by Swatch. They can be both quartz-powered or mechanical ones. The in-built quality of these watches is great and that is why they are so loved and popular. We made this post because online articles cover only men's watches and we believe that women can be just as interested in Swatch watches or watches in general. So let's check out some of the best Swatch Irony watches for womenIf you love this brand and wish to find some vintage Swatch watches visit our Swatch section.

Ladies Swatch watches

Before we begin to find our best 5 picks for ladies Swatch watches, please note that this list has taken into consideration prices, online availability, feedback, number of reviews and personal taste. You will be able to find a lot more Swatch watches for women online. We have a lot of Irony models and other Swatch watches on our website.


1. Swatch Irony Quartz Movement White Dial Ladies Watch YLS141GC

This ladies Swatch Irony quartz watch is our top pick for several good reasons. First of all, it is one of the best-sold Swatch Irony watches for women and furthermore, it has great reviews. The quartz movement does not need daily maintenance. You set your watch once and then you can relax for at least one year with a new battery inside. This quartz watch for women is a 30-meter water resistant one and at 33mm case size, it will fit most women's wrists. The latest trend in ladies watches is to wear bigger ones just like Michael Kors watches.

Swatch Irony Quartz Movement White Dial Ladies Watch YLS141GC |




2. Swatch Women's Irony YSG140G Gold Stainless-Steel Swiss Quartz Watch

There is no secret women love gold or floral watches and this Swatch Irony YSG140G is the perfect combination of the two above. The watch glass is made from mineral crystal and the case diameter measures only 25mm which makes it a smaller Swatch Irony compared to our first pick. The Swiss quartz movement will please any women in search of some gold costume jewelry. 

Swatch Women's Irony YSG140G Gold Stainless-Steel Swiss Quartz Watch |




3. Swatch Irony Quartz Movement Silver Dial Unisex Watch YLS193

It might be considered a unisex quartz Swatch watch but we feel that the YLS193 model is a perfect choice for women. The light blue can be found both in the dial, watch hands and rubber sports band. This ladies watch is found more in the sports collections of Swatch watches. With people practicing more and more sports globally, this is a trendy watch. The case size is 33mm and the bandwidth is 17mm.


3.Swatch Irony Quartz Movement Silver Dial Unisex Watch YLS193




4. Swatch Irony Pure Powder Silver Dial Stainless Steel Ladies Watch YLS172G

The Pure Powder Swatch Irony is a great example of a diamond-style watch for women. Please keep in mind these stones are not diamonds but nonetheless, they give an awesome look to this particular ladies watch. Women's jewelry has evolved more and more and The Swatch Group has kept up with the trends, making this a uniquely beautiful womens watch. At $85 this 33m case diameter watch is a great deal so do not miss it!


Swatch Irony Pure Powder Silver Dial Stainless Steel Ladies Watch YLS172G |




5. Swatch Quartz Movement Blue Dial Unisex Watch YGS476G

This blue dial unisex watch makes it on our last place because it can really be considered a unisex watch at 37mm case diameter. We have included this piece because there are a lot of women out there with a thicker wrist and we wanted to make sure there is a little bit of everything in this list. The YGS476G has had great reviews over the years and the blue face watch dial makes you understand why. This is a casual watch that can easily fit an elegant dress and also make you noticed. 


Swatch Quartz Movement Blue Dial Unisex Watch YGS476G |




Do you agree with our list? Let us know what you think in the comment section below and make sure to share this article. If you wish to read more similar articles visit our Vintage Magazine.

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