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How to Set the Time on a Casio A163WA Watch - Video Guide

Posted by Lavinia Bejan on

How to set the time on a Casio A163W Watch

Wondering how to set the time of your Casio A163WA watch model? Check out our quick video tutorial, a step-by-step guide on how to easily set the time on your Casio watch.

How to Set the Time on a Casio A163WA Watch - Video Guide

About Casio watches

Casio is a Japanese company that's mostly known worldwide thanks to their watch models. The company also produces calculators, mobile phones, digital cameras and electronic musical instruments. In fact, in 1957 they introduced the first entirely compact electronic calculator.

Casio watches are made to be very durable, precise, and to have a multitude of functions, at a very affordable price. The Japan quartz movements produced by Casio are praised for their longevity and their precision. So, investing in a Casio watch, is investing in a timepiece that will last for many, many years. Many watch models come with a 10-year battery inside.

Most Casio watches also have a multitude of useful functions, such as alarm, chronograph, date function, water-resistance, day function, and many more.

Casio A163W

In our video tutorial, we used a Casio A163W 1QGF watch model. It's a vintage watch that comes with a features like: a stainless steel case and bracelet, alarm, chronograph, 12/24 hour mode, and a day & date function.

Our vintage Casio watch collection

If you're interested in vintage Casio watches, make sure to also check out our collection of vintage watches. It includes a variety of Casio watch models, preserved in very good condition, and ready for a second chance.

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