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Shipping policy


1.1. About free shipping with tracking

We offer free international shipping with tracking for all of our products. Every package will be assigned a tracking number that you will receive via e-mail. 

This tracking number can be used to follow the advancement of your order until it reaches its destination. Please note that because of the current Covid-19 crisis, shipping and tracking update delays can occur. 

Our packages are shipped from Romania, Europe, with the Posta Romana shipping carrier, which is the National Shipping Company in Romania. 

Some watches may be shipped from different countries (such as Germany, via DHL), since we use these timepieces to shoot our marketing campaigns in other countries as well. 

1.2. About DHL Express shipping - *premium watches only*

Premium watch models can be shipped with DHL Express Shipping, with package insurance and a tracking number, so you can follow the package live. If you are shopping from outside the European Union, you may be subjected to additional customs duties. For any questions, don't hesitate to contact us

Please note that only premium watches are automatically upgraded to this shipping method. If you would like to benefit from DHL Express shipping for your order, please contact us before making the purchase at Extra charges may apply. 

1.3. How long does shipping take?

The shipping time varies according to the destination. Our packages are shipped from Romania, European Union, with the Posta Romana shipping carrier, which is the National Shipping Company in Romania. 

In special cases, items may be shipped from a different country. 

For orders in Europe, it usually takes between 3-10 working days for the package to arrive. For the United Kingdom, it takes 5-12 business days on average.

For orders in the United States and other destinations, it takes between 10-25 working days, depending on the state, and the distance the package has to travel. 

We allow 1-5 working days for the processing of the order and further testing of the watches if the case. We run extra tests and want to make sure every watch works perfectly before shipping it. 

1.4. How can I track my package?

You will receive all the necessary tracking information via e-mail, as soon as the package is taken in charge by our shipping carrier.

You can track your package using the following website:

If you need any help, contact us via e-mail at or by using the contact page.

1.5. My package hasn't arrived. What can I do?

Don't worry. If the package has to travel a long way, it may take a few extra business days for it to reach you. 

Use the tracking number to see if it has arrived and if that is the case, try to contact your local post office to see if it's in their possession. 

Otherwise, we suggest you wait a few more days. Local holidays can also have an impact on the shipping duration, as well as other situations that might affect shipping and transportation (such as Covid-19). Take that into consideration as well. 

If shipping takes longer than it should, don't hesitate to contact us. We can assist you, or provide more information about the whereabouts of the package, if available. The best way to contact us is at