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15 Christmas Gift Watches for Women - Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

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This Christmas season, why not consider some vintage shopping when it comes to your Christmas gifts or stocking fillers? At Vintage Radar, we restore vintage timepieces and give them a chance to tell a new story of time, on your wrist. Let us introduce you to some of our favorite Christmas gift watches for women! Timepieces that look beautiful on the wrist, and that we'd love receiving as a gift ourselves.

Christmas Gift Watches for Women

If we caught your attention, join us in exploring 15 Christmas gift ideas for women. Mechanical and quartz watches, silver and gold tones, one for every wrist size, discover 15 vintage Christmas gift watches for ladies!

15 Christmas Gift Watches for Women - Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

1. Lady Nelson Swiss-made Ladies Watch

For ladies who prefer bohemian wristwatches, we recommend this delightful Lady Nelson timepiece.

With beautiful vintage floral details on the bracelet and a tiny gold-tone dial, this unique Lady Nelson ladies watch is a joy to have on the wrist. A timepiece of rare elegance, this Swiss-made wristwatch is a lovely gift idea.

If you're ready to give a second chance to a vintage piece, we highly recommend this watch model. Perfectly preserved, fully functional, need we say more?

Lady Nelson Mechanical Vintage Watch
Condition: Near-mint.
Case width: 20 mm.
Mechanical movement.
Perfect for tiny/small wrist sizes.

2. DKNY Silver-tone Women's Watch with Square-shaped Dial

If a minimalist, square-shaped watch is what you're after, check out this DKNY watch!

A luxurious silver-tone watch, ideal for tiny wrist sizes, this DKNY women's watch comes with a beautiful square-shaped black dial. Pairing a solid stainless steel case and a durable silver-tone bracelet, the watch is both resistant to everyday wear conditions, and an elegant accessory for the wrist.

DKNY Silver-tone Watch for Women
Condition: Very good condition.
Case width: 15 mm.
Movement: Quartz.
Solid stainless steel.
Water-resistant: 3 ATM / 30 m.

3. Kienzle Antimagnetic Mechanical Watch

This minimalist wristwatch has been produced by the German watch brand, Kienzle, and it's a promise for premium quality and durable design. With a 29-mm case, this vintage watch is an ideal fit for medium wrist sizes.

Thanks to its reliable mechanical movement, the watch keeps time with high precision. Moreover, it has been preserved in remarkable condition. Don't miss it, it's a unique piece in our vintage collection!

Kienzle German Vintage Watch for Her
Condition: Near-mint. 
Case width: 29 mm.  
Made in Germany.
Mechanical movement.

4. Gold-tone Fossil Ladies Watch with Unique Gold-tone Bracelet

Fossil ladies watch that resembles no other in our collection, this gold-tone timepiece comes with a unique design you'll absolutely love. With a rectangular-shaped dial that goes as wide as 35 mm, and a gold-tone bracelet that beautifully complements it, this watch is a wonderful statement piece for your wrist.

If you're looking for a gift for a Fossil watch lover, this one might be the perfect choice. Have something else in mind? Check out our complete Fossil watch collection!

Gold-tone Fossil Watch for Women
Condition: Near-mint condition.
Case dimensions: 35 x 25 mm.
Quartz movement.
Water-resistant: 30 meters / 100 Ft.
All stainless steel.
Model: ES-1314.
Series: 110509.

15 Christmas Gift Watches for Women - Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

5. Dugena 17 Rubis Antichoc Vintage Women's Watch

Looking for the perfect vintage dress watch? We fully recommend this Dugena ladies watch model! Versatile, effortlessly elegant, and powered by a reliable 17 Rubis mechanical movement, this vintage watch has all the right qualities for an exquisite Christmas gift.

Vintage Dugena Gold-tone Ladies Watch
Condition: Very Good.
17 Rubis.
Mechanical movement.
Made in Germany.

6. Gold-tone Tweety Bird Vintage Watch

We had to include a playful, colorful vintage watch in our Christmas gift recommendations. So we have decided on this 1994 gold-tone Tweety Bird vintage watch. This Looney Tunes Armitron watch model comes with a beautiful depiction of Tweety, the adorable cartoon character of our childhood.

With a 31-mm case, the watch is perfect for medium wrist sizes.

If you love cartoon characters and their colorful magic, make sure to check out our Disney and Looney Tunes watch collections. Hundreds of unique vintage watch models are awaiting!

Looney Tunes Tweety Watch
Condition: Near-mint.
Case width: 31 mm.
Movement: battery/quartz.
Base metal bezel.
Stainless steel back.
Water-resistant: 100 Ft.
1994 Warner Bros.
Brand: Armitron.

7. Elgin Moon Phase Quartz Watch Vintage

Part of our collection of luxury gold-tone watches, this vintage Elgin moon phase watch is a timepiece of rare beauty. Watch the moon and stars complete their rotation cycle on your wrist.

Perfectly preserved, fully functional, and with a gorgeous design, this watch comes with a luxurious finish. If you're looking for a Christmas gift to impress, you can't go wrong with this Elgin moon phase timepiece!

Vintage Elgin Gold-tone Moonphase Watch
Dial diameter: 23mm.
Condition: Very good condition.
Stainless steel back.
Base metal bezel.
And its star feature: the moon phase.

8. Luxury Gold-tone Jules Jurgensen Date Watch

Jules Jurgensen watches are delightful pieces to have on the wrist. The luxurious design of each watch is simply remarkable. Such is the case for this gold-tone date watch, which is a premium timepiece in our vintage collection. 

This gold-tone Jules Jurgensen watch model comes with electronic quartz movement, it has a date display window at 3 o'clock, and a day-display window at 12 o'clock. The latter is a bit more subtle, but a beautiful detail to have in a watch. 

The 35-mm gold-tone case is paired with a luxurious gold-tone bracelet, making the watch look so elegant on the wrist. 

Jules Jurgensen Vintage Watch
Condition: Near-mint.
Case diameter: 35 mm.
Electronic quartz movement.
Stainless steel back.
Base metal bezel.
Day & date display windows.
Engraved bracelet.

9. Guess Rectangular Gold-tone Watch for Women

A Guess watch model that exudes timeless elegance, this rectangular gold-tone watch for women is a classic timepiece to offer as a gift.

The watch comes with a 15-mm gold-tone dial, paired with a delicate black, genuine leather strap. This Guess watch model is powered by a Japan quartz movement, and it keeps perfect time. 

The classic design of the timepiece, as well its versatility, recommend this watch as a great choice for everyday wear.

Gold-tone Guess Watch for Women
Condition: Near-mint condition.
Case width: 15 mm.
Movement: Quartz.
Japan movement.
Genuine leather strap.

15 Christmas Gift Watches for Women - Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

10. 1998 PAPAVERI GW120 Swatch Watch

With a minimalist dial design that tells a love story, this 1998 PAPAVERI GW120 Swatch watch is the perfect gift for someone you love! The beauty of its dial is complemented by an even more impressive Swatch strap, with a lovely floral pattern.

Hundreds of joyful Swatch designs are featured in our vintage Swatch watch collection. Swiss-made, durable, and affordable, these watches are a great choice when it comes to Christmas gifts for her. Find a Swatch for every personality here!

Vintage Swatch Watch for Women
Condition: Very Good 
Movement: Battery powered/Quartz
Year: 1998
Reference: GW120

11. Ladies Citizen Watch for Tiny Wrists Silver-tone

A perfect match for tiny wrists, this beautiful ladies Citizen watch is a timeless piece that looks delightful on the wrist. In cool silver tones, this watch comes with delicate gold-tone details here and there, ensuring a polished, refined finish. 

If you're looking for a luxurious Citizen watch for ladies, this 5920 S57308 watch model is in almost mint condition and keeps time perfectly. Don't miss it!

Vintage Citizen Two-tone Watch for Ladies
Condition: Near-Mint.
Movement: Quartz.
Japan movement.
Base metal bezel.

12. Pierre Cardin Diamond Ladies Watch

This exquisite Pierre Cardin Diamond ladies quartz watch is a delightful timepiece to have on the wrist. Elegant, yet versatile, the watch is perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions.

With a square-shaped dial, delicately decorated with white gemstones, and a classic black leather bracelet, this Pierre Cardin watch model is a perfect fit for tiny to medium ladies' wrist sizes. We had to include this special piece in our Chistmas gift recommendations. It's by far one of our favorites.

Pierre Cardin Vintage Ladies Watch
Condition: Near-mint condition.
Battery/quartz movement.
Japan movement.
Stainless steel back.
Black leather belt.

13. Gold-tone Armitron Watch for Ladies with Swarovski Crystals

A statement piece to have on the wrist, this gold-tone Armitron ladies watch is an elegant quartz watch you'll absolutely love. The gold-tone case and bracelet are decorated with white Swarovski crystals, so this timepiece will surely get noticed.

The watch encases a Japan quartz movement, and it's a perfect fit for small to medium wrist sizes.

Vintage Armitron Gold-tone Watch
Case width: 27 mm.
Condition: Near-mint condition.
Movement: Quartz.
Base metal bezel.
Stainless steel back.
Water-resistant: 100Ft .
Japan movement.

15 Christmas Gift Watches for Women - Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

14. Gold-tone Wyler Incaflex Vintage Ladies Watch

A vintage timepiece that tells an elegant story of time, this Wyler Incaflex vintage ladies watch looks gorgeous on the wrist. Pairing a tiny gold-tone dial with an adjustable gold-tone bracelet, the watch is in near mint condition and it keeps time with great precision.

Wyler Incaflex watches are rare pieces to come across, and we're excited to host this model in our vintage collection. It's an elegant, timeless gift watch that we fully recommend!

Wyler Gold-tone Vintage Watch
Condition: Very Good.
Case width: 17 mm.
Mechanical movement.
Stainless steel back.
Perfect for tiny to medium ladies' wrist sizes.

15. Kenneth Cole New York Minimalist Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

A minimalist watch that will surely make an impression, this Kenneth Cole New York quartz watch is one of the star pieces in our quartz collection. The watch comes with a beautiful 35-mm dial case that looks stunning on the wrist, paired with an adjustable silver-tone bracelet.

An ideal piece for medium to large ladies' wrist sizes, this stainless steel quartz watch is durable, water-resistant, and a great choice for everyday wear. 

Kenneth Cole Silver-tone Ladies Watch

Condition: Near-mint condition.
Case width: 35 mm.
Movement: Quartz.
All stainless steel.
Japan movement.

If you have enjoyed some of the timepieces recommended in this article, we invite you to check out our complete collection.

Over 1700 vintage watches for women are ready for a new story. And you can help us make it happen. Shop vintage watches for women!

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