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Vintage Mickey Mouse Watch Collection | Disney Watches

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Discover our collection of vintage Mickey Mouse watches, home to some unique watch models, all featuring Disney's most beloved character. These are vintage timepieces, restored with love and care by our team. All of these watches are available for purchase in our vintage Mickey Mouse watch collection.

In the video above, we show you just a few of our vintage Disney watch models. It's a selection of vintage Mickey Mouse watches for men and women, with models that will fit all wrist sizes - from tiny cases under 25 mm, to large cases measuring over 40 mm in diameter. So let's check them out!

What you need to know about our vintage Mickey Mouse watch collection

All of our vintage Mickey Mouse watches are cleaned, serviced, and restored by our team. The watch crystals are polished or replaced where necessary, and the watch straps are either vintage (if the original strap is preserved in very good condition), either new, replaced by us.

Most of the Mickey Mouse watches in our collection are powered by precise quartz movements. But we also have some rare mechanical hand-winding watches that feature Mickey Mouse on the dial. We focus on affordable brands like Lorus, Pulsar, Seiko, Timex, and more exclusive vintage brands, like Bradley and Ingersoll. If you're looking for a particularly rare and special Mickey Mouse watch, make sure to also check out our musical watch collection.

In the video above, you will find just a few of our Mickey Mouse watches. In order to discover all of them, we invite you to take a look at our complete Mickey Mouse watch collection!

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Ingersoll Mickey Mouse Watches Since 1933

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