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TOP 5 90s Vintage Swatch Watches

Posted by Lavinia Bejan on

The only thing better than a Swatch watch is probably a vintage Swatch watch! The top 5 most beautiful Swatch watches of the 90s are featured in this article, and you have the chance to get your hands on them! Swiss-made, water-resistant, Swatch Originals... need we say more?

top 5 90s vintage swatch watch

Familiar with the Swatch brand? 

Swatch is a Swiss watch company, founded in 1983. They produce wristwatches in a variety of designs, often colorful and completely different in style from other brands. That's why we love this brand so much!

The watches that will be featured in the article all belong to the Swatch Originals collection, they are all water-resistant and battery operated (quartz). From the many amazing models part of the Originals collection, we've selected a few that we believe are simply stunning, bald and so eye-catching!


sweet baby swatch watch vintage

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SWEET BABY is part of the Gent Family, in the Originals Collection. The model is from 1996. With a funny, retro, pop-art style, the watch will surely be appreciated by those who love this kind of designs. Babies all over the dial and the strap. 

This watch will surely make a statement. Let your wrist tell the story!

4. YURI (GG118)

yuri gg118 swatch watch vintage

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The YURI Swatch goes back all the way to 1992. Also part of the Gent Family, Originals Collection. 3 Bar Water-resistance. A bright and colorful vintage Swatch watch, just the way we like them! Picture this stunning watch on your wrist. It will surely steal the show. 

3. DEHLI (GX125)

dehli gx125 vintage swatch watch

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The 1992 DEHLI Swatch watch is inspired by Indian culture and it certainly earns its place in the top 5. It looks charming on the wrist. The dial and the strap tell a wonderful story of the Taj Mahal, Indian motives and figures being tastefully displayed on the belt. Pictures speak louder than words when it comes to this beauty. 


time for love gk293 vintage swatch watch

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TIME FOR LOVE, the perfect Swatch for romantics out there. In bold shades of pink, red and blue, this gem is part of the Originals Collection as well, Gent Family, 1999. And as the picture so blatantly shows it, it's gorgeous! 

Don't know what's the perfect gift for her this Christmas? Look no further. We have a feeling you'll find something just right in our Vintage Swatch collection!


 romeo and juliet gn162 vintage swatch watch

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The star of our TOP 5: The ROMEO + JULIET Swatch watch! One of the most beautiful vintage Swatch watches we've managed to add to our collection. The colorful design, inspired by the Shakesperean play, invites you to be part of the story. Find it now in the Vintage radar Swatch collection, before it's too late!

This piece is part of the Originals Collection, Gent Family, 1996.


All the pieces featured in this article are available on Vintage Radar. The watches are authentic, vintage, made by Swatch. 

For a better presentation of the products, we have used in this article the official product photos from the Swatch website. Should you decide to buy the watches from Vintage Radar, you'll see the pictures of the watches we own when following the product links. Happy shopping!

Do you have a favorite vintage Swatch? Tell us in the comments. We're eager to read your recommendations!



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