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Vintage Magazine — Swiss Swatch watch

15 Christmas Gift Watches for Women - Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Posted by Lavinia Bejan on

This Christmas season, why not consider some vintage shopping when it comes to your Christmas gifts or stocking fillers? At Vintage Radar, we restore vintage timepieces and give them a chance to tell a new story of time, on your wrist. Let us introduce you to some of our favorite Christmas gift watches for women! Timepieces that look beautiful on the wrist, and that we'd love receiving as a gift ourselves.

If we caught your attention, join us in exploring 15 Christmas gift ideas for women. Mechanical and quartz watches, silver and gold tones, one for every wrist size, discover 15 vintage Christmas gift watches for ladies!

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Top 5 Swatch Irony Watches for Men | Men's Swiss Steel watches

Posted by George Bogdan Bejan on

Eager to find the best Swatch Irony watch for men? The Swatch Irony family contains all the metal-cased watches produced by Swatch, making these Swiss watches very attractive to men. Swatch has been around since 1983, yet they managed to leave a strong mark on the watch world. All Swatch Irony watches for men have something unique and you should find out which model or style suits you best. With a price range between $100-$250, you get a stainless steel diver watch, with either quartz or automatic watch movement. For more Vintage Swatch watches check out our website.   Swiss Watch Movements Swatch has all its watches...

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