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Swatch Scuba 200 Watches Vintage | Swatch Irony Scuba 200 & Fun Scuba

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Swatch Scuba 200 Watches

Swatch Scuba 200 Watches

Swatch Scuba 200 is the particular model from Swatch that has a water-resistance of up to 200 meters (656 feet). When it comes to vintage Swatch Scuba 200 watches, there are two types of models: the classic Swatch Scuba watches that come with plastic cases, and the Swatch Irony Scuba 200 watches that come with stainless steel or aluminum cases.

Swatch Scuba 200 Watches In Original boxes form the 90s

Above you can see just a few of our vintage Swatch Scuba 90s, some of which come with their original Swatch watch boxes. If you are interested in having a closer look or purchasing any of these models, make sure to check out our extensive collection of Swatch Scuba watches here.

Furthermore, we have over 1,000 vintage Swatch watch models here on Vintage Radar, so we are sure you will find the perfect Swatch watch for you. 


What does water resistant up to 200 meters mean?

A water resistance of 200m means that the watch can be worn during swimming, poolside diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, but not while scuba diving. 

When you want to go diving, you need a dive watch that is waterproof for certain depths and water pressures. The dive watch will normally have a screw down back and crown. You can actually seal the watch before going for a dive. 

Do vintage watches keep their water-resistance?

Most vintage watches did not have screw down backs and crowns, which means that the current dive standard will not be met. A dive watch should be inspected by a watchmaker every 5-10 years for its diving capabilities, as the gaskets usually wear off, or micro cracks can appear within the watch crystal or other parts of the watch. 

A watchmaker will take the movement out and perform a water pressure test to see if there are any leaks and how they can be properly repaired. 

Bottom line, you should not go diving or in the pool with a vintage dive watch or a Swatch Scuba 200 watch in order to avoid any potential damage to the watch. 

Our Vintage Swatch Scuba 200 Watches

We have over 100 vintage Swatch Scuba watches in our collection, mostly from the 1990s. You can find a large variation in colors, straps, bezels, and some even have a Loomi function, the equivalent to the Timex Indiglo renowned function. 

Swatch Scuba 200 Watches

Since these exact models are no longer produced, the Swatch Scuba 200 prices will keep on rising. The vintage Swatch Scuba Irony 200 models, in particular, are getting harder to find. 

 Swatch Irony Scuba 200

In our collection, you will find a few Swatch Irony Scuba 200 watches that are made of aluminum. The Swatch Irony Scuba 200 Aluminium models below, for example, have a case width of 45 mm, and they come on a durable plastic strap. 

 Swatch Scuba 200 Irony Watches

Swatch Irony Scuba 200 Aluminium


Swatch Irony Scuba

The ordinary Swatch Irony Scuba comes with a stainless steel case and a smaller degree of water resistance. For example, the model below has a water-resistance of 3 bars (30 meters). so it cannot be considered a Swatch Scuba 200, even though it has similar features to the plastic Scuba 200 models.

We had to include this model as well, so that you can better differentiate between a Swatch Irony Scuba and a Swatch Irony Scuba 200 Aluminium (case size, material, water resistance, design, etc.).

Swatch Irony Scuba PROFONDITA YDS106

Swatch Irony Scuba PROFONDITA YDS106

Swatch Fun Scuba

As the years went by, Swatch had to also adapt to the new watch trends. People want more modern designs, bigger cases, and a sporty look.

Thus, the Swatch Fun Scuba models were introduced. 

Still considered a Swatch Scuba 200 watch, the Swatch Fun Scuba SCAMPI FRESCHI SUGM101 below has a case width of 46 mm and a case height of 57 mm. This is a big upgrade from the smaller plastic Swatch Scuba 200 watches produced in the 1990s.

 SCAMPI FRESCHI SUGM101 Swatch Watch | Swatch Scuba 200 Dive Watch SCAMPI FRESCHI SUGM101 Swatch Watch | Swatch Scuba 200 Dive Watch SCAMPI FRESCHI SUGM101 Swatch Watch | Swatch Scuba 200 Dive Watch SCAMPI FRESCHI SUGM101 Swatch Watch | Swatch Scuba 200 Dive Watch SCAMPI FRESCHI SUGM101 Swatch Watch | Swatch Scuba 200 Dive Watch SCAMPI FRESCHI SUGM101 Swatch Watch

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Some of our Swatch watches

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