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Swatch Irony Stainless Steel: Top 15 Best Swatch Irony Steel Watches

Posted by George Bogdan Bejan on

Top 15 Swatch Irony watches available online

The Swatch Irony family contains all the metal-cased watches produced by Swatch, making it one of the greatest Swiss watches in history considering its quality, origin, price, and resilience. Stainless steel watches have a great texture, impose certain respect and let's face it they look very cool. Swatch Irony stainless steel watches are very searched and loved by the Swatch fans and today we will be looking at a list of top 15 best Swatch Irony steel watches. If you love vintage Swatch watches more than new ones or simply have a lower budget make sure to visit our shop.

Why go with a Swatch irony Stainless Steel?

Before we start our tour of the best Swatch Irony watches let us praise this amazing brand and family of watches. First of all, The Swatch Group was founded in 1983 by Nicolas Hayek in response to the Japan movements rising industry. We would dare to say that Swatch has made Swiss watches great again! Furthermore, Swatch Irony is an iconic family that, besides the funky and hipster-looking Swatches, provide greater quality, elegance, and resistance for both men and women. Now, it is time to start our list of the top 15 best Swatch Irony stainless steel watches.

1. Swatch Irony Quartz Movement Blue Dial Men's Watch YVS423G

It might be a coincidence that this blue Swatch Irony is also Amazon's Choice but it is by far one of the most sold and appreciated Swatch Irony of all time. You must have seen this exact model or at least a different color combination. It is a Chronograph with 3 subdials: 60-second, 60-minute, and 1/10th of a second. Tachymeter. The case thickness of 13 mm and 43 mm diameter makes it one big watch. Although many consider it to be a men's Swatch watch we tend to believe different. We think this can look stunning on a woman's wrist just as well!

Swatch Irony Quartz Movement Blue Dial Men's Watch YVS423G |



2. Swatch Quartz Movement Blue Dial Unisex Watch YGS476G

On our second place, we find a very beloved and featured Swatch watch, which is the blue dial unisex YGS476G. If there was any doubt about the first Swatch, this is considered by everybody a unisex Swatch Irony watch. At under $90 this Swatch watch features a 37 mm silver-tone stainless steel case with a blue dial, a plastic crystal, silver-tone luminescent hands, and silver-tone Arabic numeral hour markers. These make the YGS476G one of the most versatile Swatch Irony watches ever created. You can easily wear this for any occasion and still receive a lot of positive remarks.


Swatch Quartz Movement Blue Dial Unisex Watch YGS476G |


3. Swatch Irony Minimalis-Tic Silver Dial Stainless Steel Men's Watch YOS453G

The Minimalis-Tic Swatch Irony is pretty self-explanatory and we all understand why it has that name. Compared to the first one, this Swatch has a light-colored dial making it more easy to read and, for some, more pleasant to the naked eye. This 47mm Swiss watch can really be called a big men's wristwatch. The 3 subdials have the same functions but be ready to spend a little more on this beautiful dial as it goes for around $175. The dial still has the date function on the right middle side like the rest of Swatch watches in its class.

Swatch Irony Minimalis-Tic Silver Dial Stainless Steel Men's Watch YOS453G |



 4. Watch Swatch Irony XLITE Chrono YYS4014 YELLOW PUSHER

It might be your first time seeing the Swatch Irony XLITE Yellow Pusher, but this is a well-known model for the Swatch lovers community. The beautiful blend of blue and yellow colors make this piece a must-have for a Swatch watch collector. The Yellow Pusher chronograph men's watch features a 45mm wide and 14mm thick silver aluminum and purple resin case which makes it the biggest Swatch watch on our list so far.  It also has a fixed bezel and textured push-pull crown with function pushers, making this Swatch YYS4001AG a unique Swiss quartz chronograph watch for men and women.


Watch Swatch Irony XLITE Chrono YYS4014 YELLOW PUSHER |



5. Swatch YIS401G Sistem51 Irony Sistem Boreal men's automatic watch

Yes, of course, we could not have forgotten the Sistem51 Irony automatic watch with this blue Boreal minimalist dial. The geometric men's mechanical watch has to be at the top of our list since it features the world's first automatic movement with entirely robotic assembling. The Swiss automatic watch comes in a 42mm wide and 14mm thick solid stainless steel case. 

5.Swatch YIS401G Sistem51 Irony Sistem Boreal men's automatic watch |


6. Swatch Irony Camarade Blue Dial Silicone Strap Unisex Watch YWS428

 The Irony Camarade blue dial watch is a very simple Swatch watch for men and women. This watch can be used both as a minimalist elegant and sports watch, given the black rubber watch strap. The beautiful blue dials of Swatch watches have been appreciated by many watch critics and at under $100 this is truly a bargain. You can go from your office directly to a football game with your colleagues without worrying about damaging or changing your watch. The Swatch Irony line is well-known for its shock endurance. 


Swatch Irony Camarade Blue Dial Silicone Strap Unisex Watch YWS428 |



7.  Swatch Men's YAS100G Automatic See Through Dial Crystal Watch

 This Skeleton Swatch watch is from the Body & Soul Collection and has a Swiss ETA Automatic Movement. The automatic Swiss watches are some of the most appreciated in the world. Despite having some mixed reviews, this Swatch watch remains a stunning accessory, eye-catching and a great choice for those who are especially passionate about the design features of Swatch watches. 

Swatch Men's YAS100G Automatic See Through Dial Crystal Watch |


8. Swatch Irony Quartz Movement White Dial Ladies Watch YLS141GC

We try to include both men's and women's Swatch watches in this top. And this ladies Swatch Irony quartz watch is one of the best-sold Swatch Irony watches for women. This quartz watch for women is 30-meter water-resistant, with a 33mm case size. It has great reviews, which and it's an ideal watch for women, possibly a great Mothers day gift! 

Swatch Irony Quartz Movement White Dial Ladies Watch YLS141GC |



9.  Swatch Skinpole Watch SYXS103GGT

This women's Swatch Skin Irony steel case watch has a great minimalistic dial and it's entirely silver-tone. It is a mix between a regular Swatch Irony and a Swatch Skin watch. The result is something amazing: finest details and smooth finishing for a Swatch watch. On the other hand, this Swatch watch might come as a shock for many of you when you will see the $165 price tag. Nonetheless, we have not seen this model that often among Swatch watch enthusiasts so you might be one of the first to show it off.

Swatch Skinpole Watch SYXS103GG |


10. Swatch Irony Golden Yacht Blue Dial Leather Strap Men's Watch YOG409

It is time to get serious: the Swatch Irony Yacht watch is the luxurious Swatch watch you have been waiting for. At approximately $400, this is one of the most expensive watches you can buy at this point that is not vintage, nor issued in a limited editionThe Golden Yacht by Swatch is a timeless piece for those who value gold-tone watches and want to make an impression wherever they go. You will get a ton of questions about this watch and if you have the budget and are a Swatch fan, this is where you stop looking. The water-resistance is 50 meters or 165 feet, 5 atm which is ideal for those who want a more powerful diver watch from Swatch!

Swatch Irony Golden Yacht YOG409 |


11. Swatch Men's YVM401 Irony Analog Display Swiss Quartz Red Watch

Rosso Fuoco (YVM401) features a black dial with a geometric print and white and red accents, which give you the feeling of a racer watch. As you might have understood already, there are a lot of Chronographs Irony watches. This particular Swatch watch model features a case diameter of 43mm with date display and 3 subdials: 60 minute, 60 second, 1/10th second. This watch is an eye-catcher. The red-colored watch dial is paired with a red watch strap, thus explaining its given name of Rosso Fuoco.

Swatch Men's YVM401 Irony |


12. Swatch Irony The Magnificent Black Dial YOS456G

At 47mm case diameter, the Magnificent Swatch Irony is a unique men's watch ready to impress everybody looking. It might look very familiar to you for several reasons. First of all, it resembles the first Swatch watch from our top 15. Secondly, the black dial and silver-tone case remind you of the two kings out there: Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph & Rolex Cosmograph Daytona .

The Chronograph has 3 subdials: 60 second, 60 minute and 1/10th of a second.  Quartz movement, butterfly clasp, water-resistant at 30 meters / 100 feet and a price of under $150. 

All things considered, we had to include this stunning piece in our top 15, and you can see why when looking at its gorgeous design.

Swatch Irony The Magnificent Black Dial Stainless Steel Men's Watch YOS456G | VintageRadar.comSHOP NOW

13. Swatch Irony Sistem Check Grey Dial Stainless Steel Unisex Watch YIS412G

With a case size of 42 mm, this is one rare simple Swiss automatic watch for men and women. You have the usual watch functions: date, hour, minute, second. The silver-tone overall aspect makes it a casual unisex watch. The mechanical movement will make any watch enthusiast happy. That's the thing with Swatch watches: you cannot get enough of them since you have hundreds of Swatch models, each one sporting something different. The diversity that this watch manufacturer offers is once again unique in the world, given the quality and affordable prices for a genuine Swiss watch.

Swatch Irony Sistem Check Grey Dial Stainless Steel Unisex Watch YIS412G |


14. Swatch Men's Analogue Automatic Watch with Leather Strap YIS414

Yes, another self-winding Swiss watch which offers great quality and precision! The watch is powered by the everyday movement of your arm. If you do not take it off, this Swatch automatic watch will go on forever. Please keep in mind that mechanical watches will lose a few seconds every day compared to a quartz movement, where the watch precision is better over time without you having to readjust it. This watch will set you back around $200 which might seem a lot for some, but very little to those in love with Swiss automatic watches.


Swatch Men's Analogue Automatic Watch with Leather Strap YIS414 |


15. Swatch Oblique Chrono Quartz Stainless Steel YCS550G

Our last watch on this list is once again a Chronograph, but this is more of a budget Swiss watch at just under $90. If you plan to start your watch collection or simply want to purchase a Swatch Irony, you are better off investing less in the beginning. We also suggest you visit our Vintage Swatch section where you can find some rare vintage Swiss watches.

Swatch Oblique Chrono Quartz Stainless Steel YCS550G


Do you agree with our list? Let us know what you think in the comment section below and make sure to share this article. If you wish to read more similar articles visit our Vintage Magazine.

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