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Rare Swatch Watches for Sale | 90s Swatch Collection

Posted by Lavinia Bejan on

Rare Vintage Swatch Watches for Sale

Let us introduce you to just a small part of our vintage Swatch watches that are or will soon be available for sale on Vintage Radar! On our website, you can find a wide collection of rare vintage Swatch watches from the 80s & 90s, up to the 2010s. 

In the video below you will get a sneak peek of some of the latest Swatch watches added to our collection. These lovely Swatch models will get some brand new straps before they get listed for sale on our website.

All of our Swatch watches are cleaned, professionally tested and serviced by local watchmakers we work with, the crystals are polished and the straps are replaced if necessary. The end result is a beautiful vintage Swatch watch that looks fun and colorful on the wrist, it's comfortable to wear, and that keeps time with high precision.


Vintage Swatch Watches

Vintage Radar is a great place to find vintage Swatch watches, as we have one of the biggest Swatch watch collections available for sale online. We have over 1000 Swatch watches in our store, so make sure to check them out here

You can also browse through different Swatch watch styles & collections:

Find the perfect Swatch watch with Vintage Radar

We are sure that you will find a great a vintage Swatch watch model that suits you. You have over 1000 different Swatch watches to choose from on our website. If you have any questions or need help choosing a vintage watch from our platform, don't hesitate to contact us or leave us a comment below!

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