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How to wind an Invicta Pro Diver automatic watch

Posted by Lavinia Bejan on

How to wind your automatic Invicta Pro Diver

Just got your Invicta Pro Diver automatic watch and not sure how to wind it? Let us show you in this quick video tutorial how to do that in just a couple of simple steps.

How to wind your Invicta Pro Diver automatic watch

Even an automatic watch needs to be winded from time to time. And that is the case for Invicta Pro Diver automatic watches as well. As surprising as it might sound, some people return their Invicta diver watches because they have no idea how to wind them and how to set the time.

The challenge: the crown of the watch. As you will see in our video below, in order to protect the watch against water damage, Invicta diver watches come with a screw-down crown. So, to be able to wind the watch or to set the time and date, you will need to unscrew the crown first.

But the best way to understand how to wind your Invicta Pro Diver automatic watch is to watch our short video tutorial:

Invicta Men's Pro Diver Collection Coin-Edge Automatic Watch

For this video, we used an Invicta 8926OB Pro Diver watch model with a Seiko NH35 movement. It's one of the most popular diver watches that you can buy on Amazon, at a very affordable price. In fact, we've been testing this model for a while and we're pretty pleased with the experience. If you're interested in this model, make sure to check it out here.

This winding method applies to a variety of other Invicta diver watch models. 

About Invicta

Invicta is an American watch company that was originally founded in Switzerland back in 1837. The brand became well-known for producing affordable and stylish timepieces with hand-wound mechanical movements. During the Second World War and the subsequent quartz revolution of the 1970s, however, the company started to struggle. And it was eventually purchased by a group of American investors in 1991 and relocated to Hollywood, LA.

Under new ownership, Invicta was relaunched and has since become a popular brand for those looking for uniquely-designed watches, boasting partnerships with famous figures such as NFL Hall of Famer Jason Taylor and NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal.


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