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How to change the battery on your Swatch watch - with video tutorial

Posted by Lavinia Bejan on

How to change your Swatch battery

Changing the battery of a Swatch watch is easier than you think. In this article, we show you how to change the battery of your Swatch watch at home, using only a coin and a pair of tweezers. And you also get a video tutorial on how to it, step-by-step, in just 4 minutes!

How to change the battery of your Swatch watch

Swatch watches have a different design than most watches. What sets them apart is that you cannot open the case back of a Swatch watch. You can only open the small round compartment that holds the battery of the Swatch watch. And that makes changing the battery of your Swatch a lot easier than it is for most watches.

Swatch Watch Battery Lid

For those of you who decide to try changing your Swatch battery at home, we have created a small tutorial to help you out. Please keep in mind that this process might differ slightly for various Swatch models. This particular tutorial will work best for Swatch Gent watch models, as well as Swatch Scuba watches, and Swatch Chronograph watches.

There are 5 steps to changing the battery of your Swatch watch:

1) Use a coin or a flat screwdriver to unscrew the lid that holds in place the battery.

How to change the battery of your Swatch watch

Align the coin or the screwdriver to perfectly fit in the dent of the lid that covers the battery of your Swatch watch. Rotate it counter-clockwise a few times, until you can see the three pins that hold the lid in place (see video below).

2) Take off the lid with a pair of tweezers, or simply by rotating the watch face-up and waiting for it to fall

3) Take out the battery with a pair of tweezers

If you don't know what type of battery you need for your Swatch, don't buy batteries in advance. Take out the battery from your Swatch and take it to the store to find the exact same type of battery for your watch. The name/number of that particular model is also written on the battery, as you can see in the Youtube tutorial below.

4) Introduce a new battery in the exact same position as the previous one

5) Place the lid back and rotate it clockwise a few times, until the three pins are no longer visible

How to change the battery of your Swatch watch - video tutorial

For your convenience, we have filmed a short and effective video tutorial that shows you these exact 5 steps: 



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