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Best 10 Vintage Timex Watches for Sale - Indiglo, Expedition & More

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Best 10 Vintage Timex Watches for Sale

Timex watch fan? Discover with us some of the most exciting vintage Timex watches for sale in our collection. Quartz and mechanical Timex watches, Timex Indiglo, Expedition, Marlin, and many more popular watch models are featured - we've tried to include something for every taste in this Top 10. Let us know which one is your favorite!

Best 10 Timex Watches for Sale

1. 1970s Rare Gold-tone Timex Marlin Mechanical Watch Vintage

Our Top 10 Vintage Timex watches starts with one of our all-time favorite watch models. This mechanical Timex Marlin simply leaves you speechless.

This is a very rare Timex mechanical watch that has been beautifully preserved over the years. The gold plating can be seen on its dial and watch strap. Dating back to the 1970s, this windup Timex watch is a premium watch in our collection and a true piece of history to hold on to. Just picture it on your wrist!

Marlin Mechanical Watch Vintage

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2. Timex Water-resistant Mechanical Watch | 80s Vintage Date Watch

Ranked 2nd in our Top 10 is this delighful 80s Timex watch. The design of this watch is simply breathtaking, and it's a timepiece that gets instantly noticed on the wrist.

This luxurious gold-tone Timex mechanical watch comes with a beautiful gold-tone dial with a date display window at 3 o'clock, and a classic black leather strap. Water-resistant, encasing a durable mechanical movement, the watch has all the right features to become your everyday timepiece. The 27-mm dial case makes it perfect for medium to large wrist sizes. 

Timex Water-resistant Mechanical Watch

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3. Disney Winnie The Pooh Watch | Eeyore Tigger Piglet Timex Watch

Lucky for Disney watch fans, Timex has produced a lot of watches in collaboration with Disney throughout the years. We couldn't help but include one of our favorite watch models in our Top 10 featured vintage Timex watch models.

The most beloved Winnie the Pooh cartoon characters are depicted on the dial of this beautiful vintage Timex watch. Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger, Piglet, they will make you smile whenever you check the time. 

This is a rare Winnie the Pooh Timex watch that comes with a joyful design many Disney lovers will adore. The watch is ideal for medium wrist sizes. It comes with a 35-mm silver-tone case, a brown leather strap, and a quartz movement that keeps time with precision.

Disney Winnie The Pooh Timex Watch

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4. Gold Timex Formal Watch for Men and Women | Best Timex Indiglo Price

If you prefer square or rectangular-dial watches, here's a vintage Timex model you might love. So effortlessly elegant, this gold-tone Timex Indiglo will add an instant touch of sophistication to your outfit.

The gold-tone case, gold-tone hour markers and watch hands add up to the sleek minimalism of the watch. This may be one of the most beautiful classic Timex Indiglo watches we have come across.

Gold Timex Formal Watch for Men and Women

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5. Gold-tone Timex Moon Phase Quartz Watch | Moonphase Collection

Pairing an enchanting gold-tone dial that tells a beautiful story of time and a silver-tone bracelet, this gorgeous vintage Timex Moon Phase Quartz watch is an impressive accessory. Not only does this watch come with an iconic design, reflective of the long history of the Timex brand, it also presents the moon phase complication, which adds a special touch to this timepiece. 

The moon phase dial follows a 24-hour cycle. So you can watch the sun and the moon rise and set, as your day goes by, on the dial of your Timex watch. 

Gold-tone Timex Moon Phase Quartz Watch

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Best 10 Vintage Timex Watches for Sale - Indiglo, Expedition & More

6. Vintage Timex Expedition Indiglo 50M Watch | Black Timex Watch Collection

The vintage Timex Expedition Indiglo 50m watch is among the best-known Timex watch models of all time. This is a great watch for travelers, adventures, and those who enjoy a practical watch that's versatile, and perfect for everyday wear.

At 6 o'clock we can see the date display window, which replaces the 6-hour marker of the watch. The brown leather belt adds a rustic touch to the design of the watch, making this vintage Timex a casual piece, fit for any occasion.

Vintage Timex Expedition Indiglo 50M Watch

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7. Vintage 1990s Gold Timex Indiglo Date Watch | 90s Elegant Timex Watch

Our Top 10 vintage Timex watches has to include this classic gold-tone Timex Indiglo. This vintage 1990s Gold Timex Indiglo date watch is maybe one of the most popular Timex watch models you have seen around.

This particular variation of the model comes with an elegant gold-tone design, with impressive details that speak of its superior quality: the unique font of the numerals, the slim gold-tone watch hands, as well as the timeless overall appearance of the watch that never goes out of style.

If classic elegance is what you're looking for, we highly recommend this model. It's an amazing fit for both men and women.

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8. Small Affordable Ladies Timex Watch | Art Deco Dress Timex Watch for Women

This is one of the silver-tone ladies Timex watches in our collection that dates back to the 1990s. A perfect fit for tiny wrist sizes, this vintage Timex watch is powered by a reliable quartz movement.

The watch has a timelessly elegant style, with a hint of art deco design. This model is a great choice for ladies in search of a beautiful, yet subtle Timex watch. Thanks to its versatility and sophistication, this Timex watch is perfect for both everyday wear, and formal occasions. We guarantee, it looks delightful on the wrist.

Small Affordable Ladies Timex Watch

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9. Ultra Rare 80s Red Dial Timex Watch | Art Deco Timex Watch for Women

A rare timepiece in our vintage Timex watch collection, this 80s red dial mechanical watch is not one you come across too often. In fact, it is the only such model we have seen. If you're on the hunt for a special Timex watch, with an element of surprise, we highly recommend this model.

The watch comes with a bold pop of color on the dial, with a minimalist silver-tone bracelet, and a mechanical movement that has stood the test of time remarkably well. This vintage Timex model also comes with a date display window at 3 o'clock, which adds an extra retro touch to its impressive design. The perfect watch for small to medium wrist sizes, this Timex awaits a new story!

Ultra Rare 80s Red Dial Timex Watch

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10. 24mm Timex Indiglo Date Watch for Women | Ladies 90s Timex Watch

This classic Timex Indiglo date watch model for women is one of the most appreciated models by Timex lovers. So we had to reserve a spot for it in our Top 10 picks.

Thanks to its iconic retro-classic design features, this 90s Timex Indiglo watch is becoming more and more of a collectible item. With a durable quartz movement, date-display window, and Indiglo feature, this Timex watch comes at a very good price point. And what we particularly love about this one, is its easy-to-style, versatile design that goes with everything. It's the only watch you will need.

24mm Timex Indiglo Day Date for Women

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Vintage Timex Watch Collection

Thus our Top 10 vintage Timex watches comes to an end. The models we have featured in this article are based on criteria such as: reviews from our customers, watch functions and design features, how fit the watches are for everyday wear, as well as our personal preferences. If you have any questions, you can contact us at 

Looking for a different watch model? Discover more Timex watch models in our complete collection. But first, make sure to let us know in the comments which is your favorite watch in our Top 10.

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