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100 Swatch Watch Collection Unboxing | Estate Lot from the 90s and 80s

Posted by Lavinia Bejan on

Swatch Watches Unboxing

Have a look behind the scenes at one of the latest vintage Swatch watch collections we purchased! In this article, you get to see a collection of over 100 Swatch watches from the 80s and 90s, most of them with their original box and papers. We're unboxing them together, and having a look at the watches for the first time. 

100 Swatch Watch Collection Unboxing - Estate Lot from the 90s and 80s

In the video below, we're unboxing an 80s & 90s estate lot comprised of over 100 vintage Swatch watches, some with their original box and papers, some without. So let's discover some cool vintage timepieces together!

At Vintage Radar, we have a huge collection of vintage Swatch watches, from the 80s until recent years. Swatch is a Swiss brand that has changed the Swiss watchmaking industry and probably saved it from the quartz crisis, in a creative and revolutionary way. Read more about the history of the brand here

Swatch watches are fun, affordable, full of color, and they invite you to get creative with your outfits and your wrist pieces. The fact that most of them come with a plastic case and a durable Swiss-made quartz movement makes them even more fascinating. Even if they have an affordable price range, they are long-lasting. And we can attest to that, since we wear a Swatch from the early 90s almost everyday on the wrist.


Our vintage Swatch watch collection & restoration work

We currently have over 1000 vintage Swatch watches on sale on our platform, with models from the 80s until recent years. While in this unboxing video you will see a collection of Swatch watches that is very well-preserved, some even in mint condition, most watches don't arrive like this in our vintage store.

All watches undergo a thorough process of restoration: first of all, we check if the watches are functional or if they need repairing; we test them for multiple days; then we move on to clean them, to replace the straps or crystals if necessary, and so on. Finally, when they look their best, the watches are photographed and listed on our website.

2005 Swatch GB227 COLOR-FULL Watch

The Swatch watches in this video will go through the same process. We have to check if the boxes match the references of the watches, if the straps got damaged over time (this can happen especially if you leave a Swatch in its box for many years; if you leave the box in sunlight or somewhere with moisture, etc.); we'll check the movements and other functions (the chronograph for example, or the musical functions for some watches, etc.); and then we'll move on to clean and restore these timepieces. 

2003 Swatch SFK197G ICY SHINE Watch

You'll find most of these Swatch watches in our vintage collection, so make sure to check it out. Many more other exciting pieces await in our Swatch collection as well, so have a look at our selection if you're interested in vintage Swatch models.

You can also browse through different Swatch watch styles & collections:

Find the perfect Swatch watch with Vintage Radar

We are sure that you will find a great a vintage Swatch watch model that suits you. You have over 1000 different Swatch watches to choose from on our website. If you have any questions or need help choosing a vintage watch from our platform, don't hesitate to contact us or leave us a comment below!

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