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All you need to know about Jules Jürgensen watches since 1740

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All you need to know about Jules Jurgensen watches

Fell in love with a Jules Jürgensen watch, but don't know much about the brand? In this article, we tell you all you need to know about Jules Jürgensen watches since 1740. We dive into the history of the Jules Jürgensen brand and we show you a few examples of vintage Jules Jürgensen watches that are still available for purchase.

Let's get into it!

Before Jules Jürgensen there was Jürgen Jürgensen

The history of Jules Jürgensen begins all the way back in 1740 with Jürgen Jürgensen, one of the very few watchmakers in Denmark at the time. He made a case for creating a Danish watch manufacturing company with the support of the government, instead of the Danes continuously importing watches from other countries.

The history of Jules Jurgensen

With backing from the Crown, Jürgen Jürgensen and his associate Isaac Larpent, opened a watchmaking company under the name “Larpent & Jürgensen”. Jürgen's sons became apprentices at this venture, so watchmaking quickly became a family business. One of Jürgen's sons proved to be particularly witty and skillful: Urban Jürgensen.

After his training in Copenhagen, Urban Jürgensen traveled to places like Le Locle, in Switzerland, to learn watchmaking from the best in the industry. And he indeed became one of the best watchmakers at the time. When he returned to Copenhagen, he continued the Jürgensen watchmaking tradition his dad had set in place. But he improved it significantly, with the knowledge he had acquired during his years of training in Switzerland.

Wondering why there's no mention of Jules Jürgensen yet? We're almost there.

The work of Urban Jürgensen was continued by his sons in Copenhagen under Urban Jürgensen & Sønner (and similar variations of company names). It became what is now known as the Urban Jürgensen watch brand. 

The history of the Jules Jürgensen watch brand

But one of Urban's sons, Jules Frederik Jürgensen, decided to move to Switzerland and establish a subsidiary branch there. Thus, the Jules Jürgensen brand was born - a Danish company in the land of watchmaking, Switzerland.

The history of Jules Jurgensen watches

In 1919, the Jules Jürgensen company was acquired by Ed. Heuer & Co., a reputable Swiss watch manufacturer (the current Tag Heuer). Jules Jürgensen watches were primarily marketed by Heuer in the United States. The stylish, delicate designs of the Jules Jürgensen wristwatches were greatly appreciated by the American public. Gradually, the brand grew very popular in the States.

Probably for this reason, the company was eventually acquired by a US-based company. Since 1936, Jules Jürgensen has been an American-owned company, being sold a couple of times to different US-based owners. It was only in 2011 that Dr. Helmut Crott, current owner of Urban Jürgensen, acquired the rights to the brand.

Vintage Jules Jurgensen watch

RARE Jules Jurgensen Ladies Quartz Watch with Diamonds

However, Jules Jürgensen watches are no longer in production. So, the vintage pieces left on the market are the only Jules Jürgensen timepieces you can get your hands on. These have become limited production pieces, so some of them turned into rare, collectible watches.

How valuable are Jules Jürgensen watches?

The value of Jules Jürgensen watches really depends on the watch model we're talking about, on how well it was made, its age, materials used for its design, etc. Since the brand was under different ownerships over the years, some watch models were created with a higher emphasis on quality, while some not so much.

Jules Jurgensen watch for ladies

Gold-tone Jules Jurgensen Ladies Occasion Quartz Watch


Jules Jürgensen watches are generally affordable to mid-range, when it comes to pricing. Decent working-condition Jules Jürgensen watch models are priced around $150-$200, while the more special pieces can be valued between $300-$800. The rarest and most expensive Jules Jürgensen watches on the market are antique pocket watches that often go above the $10.000 mark.

Vintage Jules Jurgensen watch for him

RARE Vintage Gold-tone Jules Jurgensen Watch for Men

Factors that add to the value of the watch can be: age, materials (if the watch is gold-filled/ gold-plated, if it has diamonds or other precious stones, etc.), overall condition, movement, additional functions and complications, how rare the watch is, if the watch is in full working condition or not, and so on.

If you're looking for a project watch, you can find Jules Jürgensen watches under $100-$150 on eBay. You'll most likely need to do some restauration work on them and have them serviced by a watchmaker, so factor in these additional costs. Alternatively, if you're looking for a Jules Jürgensen watch that has already been serviced, tested, and restored, you can check out the models available on our website. Chrono24 is also a good place for Jules Jürgensen watch finds, especially for hunting pocket watches.

When it comes to pricing, remember not to mistake Jules Jürgensen watches for Urban Jürgensen watch models. The latter are premium-quality watches that easily surpass the $10.000 mark.

Are Jules Jürgensen watches high quality?

Most vintage Jules Jürgensen watches we've come across were pretty good quality. Older models are created with more attention to detail and with more premium materials, such as gold and diamonds. Given the fact that Jules Jürgensen wristwatches are affordable to mid-range pieces, you can't compare them to premium watch brands that are valued at thousands of dollars. But they come with particularly beautiful designs and precise movements.

Jules Jurgensen 1890s Pocket Watch

Vintage Jules Jürgensen Pocket Watch Movement - Circa 1890s
Image source:

The pocket watches, on the other hand, are the only Jules Jürgensen pieces where we can talk about haute horlogerie. In the majority of cases, they are full gold, and run on very old, quite impressive mechanical movements. And this is reflected in their pricing. Take a look at the movement above, for example, in a solid gold pocket watch valued at $7.750.

Vintage Jules Jurgensen watch

Vintage Black-dial Jules Jurgensen Watch with Box and Papers

Going back to wristwatches, for a timepiece in the hundreds of dollars, a Jules Jürgensen watch is of quite good quality. Of course, when it comes to JJ wristwatches, it's the design that justifies the price. A lot of effort has been put into designing very delicate, elegant, and even art-deco pieces for Jules Jürgensen. Their movements are far from ground-breaking, but their designs are often quite unique and beloved by collectors.

Should you invest in a Jules Jürgensen watch?

Given the fact that Jules Jürgensen watches are no longer in production, the value of a vintage Jules Jürgensen watch tends to hold quite well, and even increase over the years. Hence, investing in a Jules Jürgensen timepiece is probably a good idea.

Jules Jurgensen rectangular watch for men

RARE Vintage Rectangular Jules Jurgensen Watch

In any case, Jules Jürgensen wristwatches are not premium pieces valued in 4 figures or more. So, if you're looking for an elegant timepiece that you probably won't see on anyone else's wrist, investing a couple hundred dollars is maybe not a bad idea. In the end, what's important is that you love the watch and its design.

As for the pocket watches, if you're a passionate vintage collector, it's up to you to decide whether a Jules Jürgensen pocket watch is worth a place in your collection. They are indeed a tiny piece of Danish history.

Do you own a Jules Jürgensen watch? Let us know in the comments about your experience with JJ watches!

We hope you loved this short history of the Jules Jürgensen watch brand and that it brought more clarity about the origins of the brand. We'd love to hear about your take on Jules Jürgensen watches. Do you have a vintage Jules Jürgensen watch in your collection? Are you hoping to get one? Let us know.

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