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Lorus V501 0A48 R1 Big Mickey Mouse Watch | Large Disney Wristwatch

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Lorus V501 0A48 R1 Big Mickey Mouse Watch

This is the Lorus V501-0A48 R1 Mickey Mouse watch model, a stunning 43-mm large Disney wristwatch. Lorus is a brand owned by Seiko, so the watch is powered by a durable Japan quartz movement that keeps time with high precision. 

If you're looking for a statement Mickey Mouse watch, which is perfect for large wrist sizes, we highly recommend this Lorus watch model. The watch comes with a brand new leather watch strap and crystal, and it's in amazing condition, as you can see in the photos. 

The watch features a classic depiction of Mickey Mouse on the center of the dial, and Mickey's hands act as the minute and hour hands of the watch. The numerals have a large font, which is easy to read. It's a watch that you'll love looking at, whenever you check the time!

Exquisitely preserved, with an elegant vintage design, and a magical Disney touch, this Lorus Mickey Mouse watch is truly a beautiful vintage piece

Product details:

Brand; Lorus by Seiko
Model: V501 0A48 R1

Condition: Near-mint. 
Case width: 43 mm.
Case + strap total length: 24.5 cm.
Wrist size: large.
Movement: Quartz.
Stainless steel back.
Base metal bezel.
Japan movement.
B leather strap.

The watch is in working condition. 

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Lorus by Seiko in the United States

Under the same umbrella as Seiko and Pulsar, Lorus was first launched in Europe in 1982. Lorus was an instant success, offering not only affordable products, but products with high design and technology qualities. Taking advantage of the huge commitments to technology advancement made by the Seiko Watch Corporation, Lorus now offers a wide variety of watches in its product collection, alongside all the standard functions such as solar, digital, duo-display and alarm-chronographs. Check them out if you haven't already done so.

Seiko Corporation of America is responsible for the distribution of Seiko watches and clocks, as well as Pulsar and Lorus brand watches, in the United States. The models available in the United States are normally a smaller subset of the full line produced in Japan. Seiko Corporation of America has its headquarters (and Coserv repair center) in Mahwah, New Jersey. In the United States, Seiko watches are sold primarily by fine jewelers and department stores as well as 19 company stores located in various cities.


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